Enhancing parental peace of mind with transparent school bus tracking tools

Sending your child off to school on a bus can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many parents. With safety concerns and potential transportation delays, it’s no wonder that parents worry about their child’s commute. However, with transparent school bus tracking tools, parents can now have more peace of mind regarding their child’s safe school transportation. Transparent school bus tracking tools provide real-time information about the location and status of school buses. This can be done through a mobile app or a web-based platform, where parents can track the school bus in real time, receive alerts about any changes or delays, and get notifications when their child gets on or off the bus. This information is available to parents at any time, providing transparency and reassurance that was not possible before.

How school bus tracking tools like TRAKOM have ensured a safe commute to school

To meet these parental needs related to the carefree commute of kids to school, and to simplify the school transport process, Asti Infotech has introduced an end-to-end school bus tracking and security solution i.e. TRAKOM.

TRAKOM not only tracks the school buses but is loaded with GPS and RFID-enabled power features which makes the commute hassle-free. The modules that have served as the backbone of TRAKOM are:

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Real-time route tracking:

One of the primary benefits of TRAKOM is that it allows parents to track their child’s bus in real time. This can be especially useful when parents need to adjust their schedules to accommodate changes in the bus route or if they need to coordinate pick-up or drop-off times with other parents. The real-time tracking also allows parents to be aware of any unexpected delays or detours, which can be reassuring during inclement weather or other unexpected situations.

Automated attendance:

As soon as the child enters the bus, RFID based automated attendance system in TRAKOM, marks the student’s presence on the bus and the same happens while returning home also. This notifies parents of the child’s boarding and deboarding of the bus and keeps them stress-free.

Bus arrival and departure notification:

In the event of a school bus getting stuck in traffic or any other unexpected delays, parents can receive alerts and updates in real-time, allowing them to take action if necessary. This feature can help parents feel more in control during stressful situations and can provide an additional layer of protection for their child’s safety. Another benefit of transparent school bus tracking tools is the ability to receive alerts and notifications. These alerts can be customized to provide information about specific events, such as when the bus arrives at school or when it is about to arrive at the child’s stop. This feature can help parents plan their day better, ensuring they are ready to pick up their child when the bus arrives.

Live to stream of student activity:

CCTV cameras installed in the bus, lets parents visualize the inside bus activities. And also helps them to take action in case of bullies or if the child gets hurt.

History and route play:

With TRAKOM, the route taken by the bus right from the source to the destination is recorded by GPS. In case the bus meets an accident or there’s any mishap during the trip, the route can be replayed and the whole situation can be analyzed and the necessary actions could be taken.


Transparent school bus tracking solutions like TRAKOM can enhance parental peace of mind by providing real-time information about their child’s location and estimated time of arrival. With these exhibited tools in TRAKOM, parents can track their child’s bus in real-time, receive alerts about any changes or delays, and get notifications when their child gets on or off the bus. These features can help parents feel more secure and confident about their child’s safety while they are commuting to and from school. Ultimately, the adoption of TRAKOM can lead to a safer, more efficient, and more reassuring school transportation experience for both parents and students. To get a complete insight into this amazing school commute solution TRAKOM, and to know about its automatic attendance management and School ERP modules, give us a call right away.


1. Why is TRAKOM important?

It provides safety and security for students, parents, and school staff, and can help optimize school bus routes.

2. Can TRAKOM be used to monitor the speed and behavior of the driver?

Yes, some school bus tracking systems can monitor speed and other driving behaviors, such as harsh braking and sudden acceleration.

3. Does TRAKOM use GPS?

Yes, GPS (Global Positioning System) technology is commonly used for school bus tracking.

4. Is TRAKOM mandatory in all states?

No, it is not mandatory in all states, but it is recommended as a safety measure.

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