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In the vast realm of business operations, the quest for efficiency and effectiveness is unending. Amidst this pursuit, return on investment (ROI) stands as a beacon, guiding decision-makers in validating the worth of their investments. Yet, when it comes to calculating ROI for field force performance monitoring software like Imprint, the path to clarity can be labyrinthine. Beyond the textbook formula lies a landscape where quantifying savings and costs becomes a nuanced exercise, intertwining tangible figures with intangible benefits. It’s here that the true narrative of ROI unfolds, revealing the potential for transformative change within your company’s operations. Let’s take you through the intricacies of ROI calculation, exploring how Imprint can redefine your field service operations and drive tangible growth over the years to come. Let’s first try to understand what ROI encompasses:

The “By the Book” Answer:

ROI measures the amount of return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost.

Simple ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) / (Cost of Investment)

The Real Answer:

Calculating ROI requires you to quantify both Savings and Cost intangibles. How do you assign a dollar figure to time or productivity, increased market vision, or the value of identifying high

revenue/profit drivers?


Your service company recently conducted a benchmarking exercise to evaluate its business processes, compliance costs, and performance metrics related to technology utilization and service quality. Here are some key findings derived from this exercise:

  • Your company currently relies on numerous disparate systems to manage various aspects of its operations.
  • Many critical processes, including those related to lead management, quality management, operational efficiency, and customer interaction, are predominantly manual.
  • Managing a large sales and service team entails labor-intensive work and is susceptible to inaccuracies due to manual processes and limited visibility.
  • The Field Service Engineer (FSE) roles are highly prone to churn, resulting in the loss of client relationships nurtured over the years, as data get lost in-transaction.
  • Managing expenses manually is a time-consuming task that puts a heavy burden on the pockets of Field Service Engineers (FSEs).
  • Several operational processes depend on external databases or third-party software solutions, leading to integration challenges and inefficiencies.
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These findings underscore the need for a comprehensive field service performance management solution like IMPRINT. By implementing IMPRINT, your company can streamline its operations, improve efficiency, and enhance service quality, leading to tangible benefits such as:

  • Consolidation of disparate systems into a unified platform reduces complexity and improves data visibility.
  • Automation of manual processes, leads to time savings and increased accuracy in critical operations.
  • Streamlined processes of data collection, and the lead-life cycle result in faster reporting and improved decision-making.
  • Integration of key operational processes within a single software solution, eliminates the need for external databases and enhances data integrity.
  • Through these improvements, your company stands to achieve a significant return on investment (ROI) by leveraging IMPRINT to optimize its field service operations and drive business growth.

Estimate – Cost of Software and Implementation

1st year – $ 25,000

2nd through 5th year – $ 15,000 per year

5-year Cost = $ 85,000

Estimate – Savings

  • Technology hardware savings as a cloud-based SAAS Solution
  • Employee Performance Report Card
  • Staff Efficiency
  • New Markets and Customers
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Compliance & Auditing
  • Expedited Reimbursement Billing
  • Fudging of the data / eliminating Human error
  • Incentive and Target management
  • Employee Tr

5-year Profit (Savings) = $ 140,000

ROI calculation = $ 140,000 (Savings) – $ 85,000 (Cost) = $ 55,000 divided by $ 85,000 (Cost) = 64.7% or 12.9% per year.

Your company has a clear understanding of the anticipated savings over the next five years and its potential impact on overall company performance and competitive advantage. This foresight enables you to compare these benefits with other investment opportunities currently under consideration.

Now, let’s delve deeper and provide tangible examples to quantify each component mentioned above, both in terms of costs and potential savings:

  • Built Trust & Visibility 
  • Better Customer Service
  • Improve Productivity
  • Built Sustainable Business

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Calculating the actual return on investment (ROI) for field service management software may pose challenges, but the process reveals crucial insights crucial for your company’s growth. With service companies increasingly adopting new solutions to remain competitive, it’s essential to evaluate whether these choices will yield sustainable results or necessitate re-evaluation in the near future. By conducting thorough research and carefully selecting the right field force performance monitoring solution for your business, you can optimize your ROI and position your company for long-term success. Workforce automation tools enable companies and field service teams to spend their time and effort more efficiently and productively. Get in touch or schedule a demo to see how Imprint can boost sales, enhance ROI, and benefit your business immensely.


How does Imprint differ from other field service management solutions available in the market?

Imprint stands out from other field service management solutions due to its comprehensive approach to streamlining operations. It offers a unified platform that consolidates disparate systems, automates manual processes, and provides real-time data access, ultimately leading to improved efficiency and enhanced service quality.

Can Imprint adapt to the specific needs and requirements of my company’s field service operations?

Yes, Imprint is highly customizable to meet the unique needs of different companies and industries. Whether you require specific integrations, custom workflows, or tailored reporting capabilities, Imprint’s flexible architecture allows for seamless adaptation to your company’s requirements.

How long does it take to implement Imprint, and what is involved in the implementation process?

The implementation timeline for Imprint can vary depending on the complexity of your company’s operations and the level of customization required. Typically, the implementation process involves several stages, including initial setup, data migration, user training, and ongoing support. Our team works closely with your company to ensure a smooth and efficient implementation process.

What kind of support and training does Imprint provide to ensure a successful adoption by our field service teams?

Imprint offers comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure successful adoption by your field service teams. Our training programs cover everything from basic system navigation to advanced features and best practices. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available to assist with any questions or issues that may arise during implementation and beyond.

How can I quantify the return on investment (ROI) of investing in Imprint for my company’s field service operations?

Quantifying the ROI of investing in Imprint involves assessing both tangible and intangible benefits such as improved productivity, reduced operational costs, enhanced customer satisfaction, and potential revenue growth. By comparing the anticipated savings and benefits with the cost of software implementation and ongoing maintenance, you can calculate the ROI and make an informed decision about investing in Imprint.

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