Case Study: Enhancing Student Security with Trakom for a Residential Educational Institution

Ensuring the safety and security of students has become a top priority for schools and educational institutions worldwide. With increasing concerns about student welfare both on and off-campus, there is a growing need for comprehensive school security solutions that can effectively address these challenges.

Trakom is at the forefront of providing innovative school security modules designed to meet the unique needs of educational institutions. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, it offers a range of features to enhance student safety, automate attendance, streamline operations, and foster greater collaboration between schools, parents, and students.

From tracking student movement within the campus to monitoring transportation routes and ensuring timely communication in case of emergencies, Trakom empowers schools to create a secure learning environment where students can thrive.

Now, let’s delve into a real-world example of how adopting Trakom made a tangible impact on student security and welfare at one of the top residential educational institutions in the country.

The client: is a premier residential educational institution, renowned for its holistic approach to education and its commitment to student welfare. With a sprawling campus and a diverse student body, ensuring the safety and security of students has always been a top priority for the institution.

The Challenge: Managing student movement within the expansive campus presented a significant challenge for the administration. With students commuting between hostels, classrooms, and recreational areas throughout the day, it was crucial to track their whereabouts in real-time to ensure their safety and security.

The Solution: The residential educational institution partnered with Asti Infotech to implement our comprehensive student tracking solution. Leveraging Trakom’s advanced technology, the institution was able to monitor student movement seamlessly across the campus.

Key features implemented:

  • Shuttle Tracking: Trakom’s shuttle tracking feature allowed the institution to monitor the movement of students traveling between hostels and classrooms via shuttle services. Real-time updates on shuttle locations ensured timely pickups and drop-offs, minimizing wait times and enhancing convenience for students.
  • Boarding and De-boarding Alerts: Trakom’s system generated alerts whenever a student boarded or de-boarded a shuttle, providing instant notifications to both the school administration and parents. This feature ensured accountability and allowed for quick intervention in case of any anomalies or emergencies.
  • Web Dashboard and Parent App: The information captured by Trakom was made accessible to both the school administration and parents through a user-friendly web dashboard and a dedicated parent app. This transparent communication channel enabled parents to stay informed about their child’s whereabouts within the campus, fostering trust and confidence in the institution’s commitment to student safety.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of Trakom’s student tracking solution yielded significant benefits for our client:

  • Enhanced Security: Real-time monitoring of student movement improved campus security, allowing for prompt response to any incidents or emergencies.
  • Improved Parental Engagement: The availability of student location data on the parent app fostered greater parental involvement in their child’s education and well-being.
  • Streamlined Operations: Automation of student tracking processes reduced administrative burden and improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Peace of Mind: With Trakom in place, both the institution and parents had peace of mind knowing that student safety was prioritized and actively monitored.

By adopting the Trakom student security solution, the educational institution successfully addressed the challenge of ensuring student security on its expansive campus. The implementation of our advanced student tracking solution not only enhanced safety measures but also fostered greater transparency and collaboration between the institution, parents, and students, ultimately contributing to a safer and more secure learning environment.

If you’re still unsure about which school security solution suits your educational institution’s unique needs, get in touch or schedule a demo to take that first step towards ensuring end-to-end student security on your campus!


How does Trakom ensure student privacy while tracking their movement within the campus?

Trakom prioritizes student privacy and adheres to strict data protection protocols. The system only collects essential location data necessary for ensuring student safety and does not track personal activities. Additionally, access to student location information is restricted to authorized personnel, ensuring confidentiality and privacy.

What measures are in place to address concerns about the potential misuse of student tracking data?

Trakom implements robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access to student tracking data. Access controls, encryption protocols, and regular security audits are implemented to safeguard data integrity and prevent misuse. Furthermore, the institution maintains transparency regarding the purpose of data collection and ensures compliance with relevant privacy regulations.

Can parents customize notifications based on their preferences?

Yes, Trakom provides flexibility for parents to customize their notification preferences based on their individual requirements. Parents can choose to receive alerts for specific events, such as boarding, deboarding, or emergency situations. This customization allows parents to stay informed while minimizing unnecessary notifications.

How does Trakom contribute to emergency preparedness and response on campus?

Trakom enhances emergency preparedness by providing real-time location data that enables prompt response to any incidents or emergencies. In the event of an emergency, school administration and parents receive instant alerts, facilitating quick intervention and ensuring the safety of students. Additionally, Trakom’s comprehensive communication features enable efficient coordination during crisis situations.

Is Trakom’s student tracking solution compatible with existing school infrastructure and technologies?

Yes, Trakom is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing school infrastructure and technologies. Whether it’s integrating with shuttle services, existing student databases, or communication systems, Trakom’s modular architecture allows for easy integration without disrupting ongoing operations. This compatibility ensures a smooth transition and maximizes the utility of existing resources.

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