How AFM’s Billing And MIS Feature Helped Me Eliminate Billing Errors And Optimize Costs?

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As a company manager, one of my biggest headaches is keeping track of the company shuttle trips and billing the vendors who operate them. Our company has more than 30 buses and 10 cabs, and recording the kilometers covered, the number of trips taken, fuel, and other maintenance expenses isn’t a joke.

  • There were times when I had to sit for days figuring out why the shuttle budget had exceeded the limit. Why is the shuttle expense this month more than last month’s? And questions like this.
  • Since I was answerable to higher authorities, the situation sometimes gave me cold sweats.

But not for too long! One of my acquaintances told me about the automated Employee Transportation Solution (ETS), AFM that can streamline this entire process. When I researched about it, I was surprised to know that by implementing this one software, I could get rid of the hassle of manually preparing trip sheets, recording kilometers and the number of trips taken, etc., and no longer have to worry about entering incorrect data.

Why I Recommend An ETS with Automated Billing And MIS For Companies With A Large Fleet?

How AFMs Billing And MIS Featur
  • Recurring invoice mistakes, missing data, information discrepancies, etc., are common problems when it comes to gathering data about trips taken by each vehicle, distance covered, maintenance costs, fuel costs, etc.

I conveyed the same problems to higher authorities, and we organized a meeting to find a sustainable, budget-friendly, yet efficient solution to the problem. After thorough research and a couple of meetings later, we came to a conclusion to simplify employee transportation by implementing the Asti Fleet Management (AFM) solution with automated billing and MIS features.

The ETS solution we chose had features like the ability to produce multiple MIS reports, accurate billing with driver and company record reconciliation, and vendor/driver performance analysis. It can also throw light on fleet efficiency, route optimization, fuel consumption, and much more.

So instead of manually entering data, this robust system eliminates paperwork and speeds up the fleet management process.

It also gives better visibility of the entire expense incurred for each trip so that I don’t have to rely on guesswork when the ETS overshoots the allocated budget. Moreover, the tool automatically generates invoices taking into account vehicles, shifts & routes operated by multiple vendors at different sites.

Apart from significantly improving my company’s transportation management, AFM employee transportation solution helped me identify areas where my company could further optimize transportation costs.

What is the AFM Employee Transportation Solution, and how does it help in managing transportation costs?

The AFM Employee Transportation Solution is an automated system designed to streamline and optimize transportation operations for companies with large fleets. It helps by automating tasks such as billing, recording trip data, and producing management information system (MIS) reports. This results in accurate cost tracking and analysis, ultimately leading to better cost optimization.

How does AFM’s automated billing feature prevent recurring invoice mistakes?

AFM’s automated billing feature eliminates manual data entry and human errors, ensuring that invoices are generated with precision. It reconciles driver and company records, making it highly unlikely for recurring invoice mistakes to occur, and this leads to more accurate billing.

Can AFM’s MIS reports help identify areas for transportation cost optimization?

Yes, AFM’s MIS reports offer valuable insights into various aspects of fleet management, including fleet efficiency, route optimization, fuel consumption, and more. By analyzing these reports, you can identify areas where you can further optimize transportation costs and make informed decisions to improve overall efficiency.

How does AFM’s vendor and driver performance analysis contribute to cost savings?

AFM’s solution provides vendor and driver performance analysis, which allows you to assess the efficiency and performance of both your vendors and drivers. This information can be used to reward top-performing vendors and drivers and address issues with underperforming ones, ultimately leading to cost savings through improved operations.

What are the benefits of automated invoicing and budget tracking for companies with multiple vendors and sites?

Automated invoicing in AFM takes into account vehicles, shifts, and routes operated by multiple vendors across different sites. This ensures that accurate invoices are generated, and budget tracking is simplified. Companies can have better control over their expenses, reduce guesswork, and prevent budget overshooting, all of which contribute to more efficient cost management.

Implementing AFM’s Billing and MIS features not only streamlines your transportation operations but also helps you gain better control over costs and optimize your company’s transportation budget.

Eliminate Manual Record Keeping And Billing Errors, And Switch To Automated Billing And MIS With AFM To Boost Efficiency!

A recent study by the American Transportation Research Institute found that transportation-related costs account for around 10% of a company’s overall operating expense (source) which necessitates the need for implementing an automated employee transport management tool like AFM.

Such an advanced system can significantly improve a company’s employee transport management efficiency, reduce commute costs, and improve overall productivity. Besides, it helps maintain a healthy relationship with vendors to build a long-lasting partnership.

If your company is still struggling with fleet management problems, it’s time to go for an automated tool and implement AFM today. To know more about how the tool works, schedule a demo with us today!

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