How Do We Keep Our Kids Safe?: School BusTracking Software Explained

Waiting for the school bus, students not wearing seat belts, delayed arrival, congestion, etc., are
some of the common issues with school bus commutes.
But thanks to school bus tracking software, you can now bid farewell to these concerns and
get real-time updates on school bus movement and other safety parameters like speed, timely
arrivals, etc.

Earlier, school authorities had to bear complaints from parents due to delayed bus arrivals,
sometimes due to traffic congestion, route changes, rash driving, and unacceptable driver
However, school bus monitoring software is like a second eye for the authorities, where they
can track every activity to ensure students’ commutes are always safe and smooth.
If you’re still unaware of what school bus tracking software is, how it works, and its benefits,
here is a detailed guide for you.
In this blog, we will discuss the tool’s work, general features, and its benefits. So, without further
ado, let’s dive in.

What is a School Bus Tracking & Monitoring Solution?

A School Bus Tracking Solution employs technology to actively enhance the safety and
efficiency of school bus transportation.
Such a system comes with GPS/RFID-based tracking and monitoring modules, allowing you to
manage the entire school bus fleet seamlessly.
The mentioned technologies monitor the movement and real-time location of the buses, which
ensures safe commutes for students and provides reassurance to parents.
Some of the core features of a school bus monitoring solution are-

● Live location tracking.
● Admin alerts.
● Geo-fencing.
● History and route replay.

● Centralized dashboard.
● Smart bus attendance.
● Pick-up, drop-off, and proximity notifications.
● Hassle-free routing and re-routing.
● Reports and analytics.

How Can a School Bus Tracking and Monitoring Solution Keep Kids Safe?

How Can a School Bus Tracking an

Live location tracking provides real-time updates

Real-time GPS tracking is a fundamental feature of school bus monitoring systems. It allows
for continuous monitoring of the bus’s location.
This not only helps parents and school administrators keep track of the bus but also ensures
that the bus stays on its designated route, providing peace of mind and safety.
When you have the system installed, you don’t have to rely on guesswork or keep wondering
about the delayed bus arrival.
The centralized dashboard gives access to every minute’s update.

Route Optimization to Prevent Delays and Other Road Hassles

The route optimization feature of the school bus monitoring system can analyze traffic
conditions, road closures, etc.
By analyzing everything, it can suggest the most efficient and safe routes for buses to take. This
reduces the chances of delays and minimizes the time children spend on the bus.

Attendance Tracking

The smart attendance system tracks student boarding and deboarding status. It’s a great
savior for both parents and authorities.
If a child is missing, this will trigger an alert, allowing school authorities and parents to take
timely action and prevent mishaps. This feature is especially crucial for ensuring that no child is
left behind or missing for long.

It also reduces the chances of students bunking school since the system notifies both parents
and authorities about regular attendance.

Overspeeding, Rash Driving, and Route Change Alerts

The admins get instant alerts in case of overspeeding, rash driving, or route change. Such
advanced safety measures prevent the risk of accidents, unnecessary halts, traffic rule breaks,
and inappropriate driver behavior.
This encourages safe driving practices and reduces the chances of unwanted incidents.


School bus monitoring systems use geofencing to ensure that the bus adheres to its designated
route. If the bus deviates from the route or enters unauthorized areas, the system sends alerts
to relevant parties, such as school officials and parents, to address the situation promptly.

Pick-up and Drop-off Notification

By providing pick-up and drop-off notifications to parents and school officials, this tool ensures
that children are safely picked up from their designated stops and dropped off at the correct
Parents receive alerts when the bus is approaching their child’s stop in the morning and also
timely notifications well in advance when their child is being dropped off in the afternoon.
This feature enhances the accountability of the transportation system and reduces the chances of
children getting off at the wrong stop and provide reassurance to parents that their child has
safely arrived at school or home.
It also adds an extra layer of security, as any unexpected changes or deviations from the normal
routine can trigger anxiety, allowing for rapid response and intervention in case of any issues.

What is school bus tracking software, and how does it work?

School bus tracking software is a technology solution that uses GPS/RFID-based tracking and monitoring modules to monitor the movement and real-time location of school buses. It allows school administrators and parents to track buses in real time, ensuring the safety and efficiency of school bus transportation.

How does school bus tracking software improve student safety?

School bus tracking software enhances student safety by providing real-time location tracking, admin alerts, and geofencing. It helps ensure that buses stay on their designated routes, sends alerts in case of deviations or emergencies, and notifies parents when the bus is approaching their child’s pick-up or drop-off location.

Can school bus tracking software optimize routes to avoid delays and congestion?

Yes, many school bus tracking solutions offer hassle-free routing and re-routing features. They can optimize bus routes to minimize delays, congestion, and traffic issues. In the event of road closures or other obstacles, the software can suggest alternative routes for safer and more efficient commutes.

How can school bus tracking software benefit parents?

Answer: Parents benefit from school bus tracking software as it provides peace of mind by allowing them to monitor their child’s bus location in real time. They receive notifications when the bus is approaching their child’s stop, ensuring they are informed about their child’s whereabouts and safety during the commute.

What kind of data and insights can school bus tracking software provide for school administrators?

School bus tracking software generates reports and analytics that offer insights into the overall safety and efficiency of the transportation system. Administrators can use this data to assess bus performance, make informed decisions, and implement improvements to enhance the safety and effectiveness of the school bus fleet.


School bus tracking and monitoring solutions provide multiple benefits. They promote safe
driving by monitoring speed and driver behavior, ensuring that children are transported
Geofencing and alert detection technology add layers of security, guaranteeing that buses stay
on their designated routes and that other vehicles come to a halt when students are boarding or
Moreover, the advantages extend beyond the bus itself. Pick-up and drop-off notifications, along
with communication apps for parents and schools, keep everyone in the loop.
Overall, such tools completely transform the tedious, unreliable, and old methods of school bus
fleet management. Trakom is such a school bus monitoring solution that offers 360-degree
assistance in managing the entire school bus network.
If you want to know more about how the system works, you can schedule a call with Trakom

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