Health Accurate Diagnostics (Pune)

Imprint is a smart salesforce management tool that helps organizations not just track their field force, also help them optimize the time and cost of field operations. Imprint brings 100% transparency in communication and fieldwork. Imprint is designed to attend to various challenges related to fieldwork that can be customized based on the industry needs.

This case study is about one of our valuable client Health Accurate Diagnostics. They provide home service to patients with blood sample collection. Patients book an appointment over the call for the home service. The center assigns these appointments to phlebotomy technicians who visit patients and collect blood samples as per the patient’s requirement. These technicians are present in all parts of the city and even in various parts of the country.

Now the question is, how were they monitoring the field personnel? It is critical for a diagnostic center to monitor each person from various locations. Monitoring over a call doesn’t bring transparency into fieldwork.

Painpoints of Health Accurate Diagnostics that made them choose Imprint:

  •  Tracking locations of technicians
  •  Tracking the exact time of blood sample collection
  •  Reasons for the delay, if any
  •  Payment details
  •  Total working hours of a technician in a day

As the number of appointments increased, it became difficult to manually assign appointments and monitor each phlebotomy technician on the field. That was the breaking point where the diagnostic center chose Imprint.

Imprint is not only a tracking solution but a boon to the field force that eases all types of communication with the manager or admin. Imprint is a cloud-based solution available in desktop and mobile versions.

  •  The manager can assign appointments to the technicians through the manager portal on Imprint.
  •  The technicians get the notifications of appointments for the day.
  •  The manager can track the location of each technician on the portal.
  •  The technician, as he starts his visit to the client location can start the trip and end the trip on his mobile application once he reaches the location.
  •  So there is visibility on the time taken to travel from one point to another.
  •  The technician can take a pic as he completes his job and shares it with the admin. The admin gets the notification immediately with the time and location stamp.
  •  The technician can enter the payment details of each patient immediately after the payment collection.

With Imprint, it is easy to manage multiple centers and technicians from various locations.

Additional benefits:

  •  The manager can track the login/logout time of each technician -Helps in understanding the number of hours the technician is on the field.
  •  The trip history records the travel distance – It helps in approving or rejecting the travel reimbursements.
  •  Quick access to time-based reports from various branches helps in future decision-making.
  •  Collection Management module provides reports about the mode of payments used by patients – This information helps the center maintain its accounts daily and provide the most preferred payment mode to the customer.


  •  100% transparency
  •  70% productivity
  •  98% reduction in paperwork
  •  90% automation
  •  30% of field force optimization
  •  30% ROI
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