Making School Buses Run Smoothly & Safely: What’s Behind the Software?

According to a recent report, more than 1,000 school children lose their lives in school bus accidents. (source)

This heartbreaking and shocking revelation is enough to represent the poorly managed school bus system in India, causing various casualties.

The safety of the children is of topmost concern for parents. As a school administration, it’s your responsibility to assure students’ safety by preventing issues of rash driving, overspeeding, drivers taking unrecognized routes, etc.

To address this situation, numerous schools in India and across the globe are opting for GPS-based school bus tracking systems.

The advanced school bus monitoring solutions provide real-time updates of the whereabouts of the entire fleet of buses, along with other crucial data.

Keep reading ahead to understand how these tracking solutions help school buses run smoothly and let school administrations provide top-notch commuting safety to their students.

Understanding a School Bus Tracking Solution: What’s Behind the Software?

The primary objective of school bus tracking and monitoring software is to enhance the safety of students during transportation to and from school.

Additionally, they optimize transportation routes and operations, improve communication between schools and parents, and provide a transparent and accountable system for school bus services.

These are usually GPS/RFID-based tracking and monitoring solutions that manage the entire network of buses under one roof.

Now the question is, what’s behind such software, or how does this tool work? Here are some common features-

Understanding a School Bus Track 1

Real-Time Tracking

The GPS hardware on each bus sends data about the bus’s location, speed, and direction. This information is used to track the bus’s progress on a map.

Both parents and authorities can see in real-time the live movement of school buses and stay informed in case of route deviations or delayed arrivals.


Geofencing is used to define virtual boundaries or zones on the map. When a bus enters or leaves a designated area, the software can trigger alerts to notify school administrators or parents.

Hence, drivers can’t take unknown routes, and this eliminates the fear of inviting unwanted incidents.

Route Optimization

Some systems offer route planning and optimization features, helping buses follow efficient routes and reduce fuel consumption.

By taking into consideration factors like the locations of student homes, school stops, and any specific needs or restrictions. The software then generates optimized routes based on the provided information and the capacity of each bus.

Smart Bus Attendance

The smart bus attendance automates the tracking of student attendance on the bus, providing accurate and real-time information about who boarded and de-boarded the bus. Most school bus tracking tools can be combined with RFID scanners at school and bus entrances to mark attendance with students’ RFID ID cards. This ensures that parents and school administration are aware of not just boarding and de-boarding information of each child, but also accurate marking of their attendance every day.

Pick-Up and Drop Notifications

Parents and guardians receive notifications when their child is about to be picked up or dropped off at their designated bus stop, enhancing safety and peace of mind. With these timely notifications, parents don’t need to worry and wait to pick up their children or wonder when the bus will arrive, saving time and reducing stress.

Alerts and Notifications

The software can send alerts for various events, such as when a bus is approaching a student’s stop, when a bus is running late, or if a bus deviates from its planned route.

Besides that, the admin alert system instantly sends notifications in case of unplanned routes, rash driving, or overspeeding.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Some systems monitor driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. In case of improper driver behavior, the system immediately notifies the administration so that further action can be taken. 

This kind of rapid action helps eliminate accidents or any other kind of unwanted incidents.

How does GPS-based school bus tracking enhance student safety?

GPS-based school bus tracking ensures real-time monitoring of bus locations, enabling school administrators to track the exact whereabouts of buses. This helps in preventing issues like rash driving or unauthorized route deviations, ensuring the safety of students during their commute.

What role does RFID play in school bus monitoring solutions?

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) is often integrated into school bus tracking systems to manage student attendance. RFID cards are given to students, and when they board or exit the bus, the system records these events. This feature enhances security by providing a reliable method for tracking students as they enter and leave the bus.

How do these solutions optimize transportation routes and operations?

School bus tracking software utilizes advanced algorithms to optimize routes, ensuring efficient and timely transportation. By analyzing traffic patterns and other variables in real time, the system helps reduce travel time, fuel consumption, and overall operational costs, contributing to smoother and more economical bus operations.

How does the system facilitate communication between schools and parents?

These tracking solutions often include communication features such as mobile apps or web portals that provide real-time updates to parents about the bus location, expected arrival times, and any delays. This fosters transparent communication, keeping parents informed and reassured about their children’s safety during the commute.

How does the school bus tracking software contribute to accountability in bus services?

The software provides a comprehensive and accountable system by recording and storing data related to bus routes, stops, timings, and driver behavior. This data can be accessed by school authorities and parents, ensuring transparency and accountability. It also helps in addressing any concerns or incidents promptly, contributing to an overall safer and more reliable school bus service.


An updated school bus tracking and monitoring solution like Trakom consists of the above features, which make running the bus smooth and efficient.

With the system in place, school authorities and parents can rest assured about the safety of their kids’ everyday school commute. Trakom comes with a special parents’ app where they can find constant updates on their children’s whereabouts.

Additionally, the parents’ app allows guardians to easily modify pick-up and drop-off locations, making the entire commuting process super easy.

If you want to learn more about Trakom and its varied features in detail, schedule a call with us today!

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