Optimizing Waste Management Fleet With VTMS:A Case Study Of Lucknow And Thane Municipal Corporations

Efficient waste collection is crucial for maintaining clean and sustainable cities. Municipal corporations are faced with the challenge of smoothly managing waste collection operations across vast geographical areas.

Business Context

  • Municipal corporations in Lucknow and Thane faced numerous challenges in managing their waste collection fleet of 2200 and 800 vehicles respectively
  • Involves seamless monitoring and management of a large fleet of vehicles to ensure efficient waste collection from geographically dispersed locations.
  • Preventing accidents and keeping driving behavior in check is crucial for safety of the fleet
  • Vehicle maintenance & fuel economy need to be taken care of for smooth functioning of the fleet within the allotted budgets.

The municipal corporations were grappling with lack of visibility of the entire fleet in real time. Unplanned routes, poor vehicle maintenance and fuel wastages were leading to inefficiencies and increased costs.

However, with the implementation of our Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solution (VTMS), these cities experienced a significant transformation in their waste management operations. In this case study, we will explore how VTMS revolutionized waste collection, resulting in improved efficiency, cost savings, and a cleaner environment.

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of visibility : Municipal corporations struggled to monitor and track the movement of waste collection vehicles in real-time.
  • Tedious trip planning : Daily trip scheduling, routing and driver assignment for so many vehicles was a burdensome task involving tedious paperwork and planning
  • Inefficient routing : The absence of optimized routes led to longer travel distances and increased fuel consumption.
  • Poor fleet utilization : Municipal corporations had difficulty determining the availability and allocation of vehicles, leading to underutilization of resources.
  • Manual reporting : Paper-based reporting systems resulted in delays and inaccuracies in tracking vehicle performance and ensuring timely maintenance.

VTMS Steps in to Streamline Operations

  • Real-time tracking : VTMS provided real-time visibility of waste collection vehicles (with graphical representation of vehicle movement), allowing municipal authorities to monitor their location, speed, and status in real-time, enabling better management and coordination.
  • Optimized routing : Advanced routing algorithms optimized collection routes, minimizing travel distances, ensuring higher fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions.
  • Enhanced fleet utilization : VTMS enabled better fleet utilization by providing insights into vehicle availability, allowing for effective scheduling and resource optimization for daily trips.
  • Centralised dashboard & automated reporting : A centralised bird’s-eye-view dashboard allowed fleet managers to keep an eye on all relevant data at a single location – vehicle location, maintenance status, ongoing trips, driver details, and much more!
  • Geofencing feature : This acted as an effective deterrent, preventing vehicle theft/ misuse as well as unnecessary diversions from their designated routes/areas.
  • Higher Fuel savings : VTMS enabled regular monitoring of fuel consumption, allowing the concerned authorities to identify and address inefficient fuel usage, resulting in significant fuel savings.
  • Improved Safety : Timely alerts for over-speeding, idling, harsh braking, etc helped municipal corporations enforce safer driving practices and reduce unnecessary downtime, further optimizing fuel consumption and preventing accidents.
  • Timely Maintenance & Compliance : With its timely alerts, VTMS facilitated maintenance scheduling & compliance issue resolution, leading to fewer incidences of vehicle breakdowns and hefty fines by compliance authorities.
  • Reports and Analytics : Comprehensive reports and analytics empowered municipal authorities to identify the roadblocks in efficient management of their fleets and take preventive actions for the future.


By implementing VTMS, the municipal corporations of Lucknow and Thane transformed their waste collection operations. Real-time tracking, optimized routing, improved fleet utilization, automated reporting, and advanced features such as maintenance activity logs, and reports and analytics played key roles in streamlining waste collection processes, reducing costs, and creating cleaner and sustainable cities. With VTMS, these municipal corporations successfully addressed their waste management challenges, achieved significant fuel savings, and gained valuable insights for better business decisions.

To discover how our Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solution (VTMS) can revolutionize your fleet management operations with its suite of advanced features, get in touch or schedule a customised demo right away!

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