Renowned ITES Company Reaps Benefits Of AFM Employee Transport Solution

daily workplace commute has become the world’s most serious challenge for workers. There is no denying that technology and transportation systems are constantly developing. People are still having problems getting to and from work on a regular basis. You can ensure that your employees arrive at work safely and that their morale is high enough for them to put their best foot forward in office.

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Employee transportation services are frequently included in employee benefits packages and are viewed as valuable incentives. More and more companies are preparing to provide transportation for their employees. Many people, however, are concerned about delegating and managing routes, ensuring employee safety, preparing rosters and keeping overall costs under control. Quite similar was the case with our client, who had faced challenges in managing their employee transportation smoothly, so we came in and assisted them to deal with their biggest issues in the most effective way with our industry-leading solution, Asti Fleet Management (AFM) Solution.

The Client

Our client is one of India’s most renowned ITES companies,, with 6500+ transport users and the transport management team was facing numerous issues in their day-to-day operations related to employee transportation.

The Challenge

Unexpected cost overruns with high fuel expenses and vehicle maintenance costs

  • Employee mobility faces a number of issues, many of which, unfortunately, drive up your expenses and squander your resources. If your drivers drive excessively, you will waste more gasoline. The same can be caused by traffic and obstacles, forcing automobiles to take a longer detour. Another reason for resources being wasted is poor management and vehicle management costs. High costs, in the end, have an influence on your bottom line and lower your profitability. Our client faced similar issues with costs increasing day by day.

Dissatisfied employees

  • Oftentimes, your employees are not satisfied with the transportation management as there are delays in transportation or the unavailability of vehiclwhichthis makes it hard for them to commute effectively.

Overload of transport desk personnel

  • When handling the overall requests and issues, the desk personnel at our client’s offices were overwhelmed with the huge number of coordination tasks, including attending to queries, solving employee issues, etc.

Poor visibility on the usage of fleet

  • Maintaining the timeliness of your fleet is a difficult task. Maintaining pickup or drop-off timings is also a difficult chore. A single automobile running late might have a cascading effect on your entire transportation system, and the same happened with our client, where they had very low to zero visibility on their fleet usage.

It is difficult to plan optimized routes & tedious roster preparation based on vehicle availability and employee transport needs for different routes

  • It’s a difficult undertaking to figure out the optimal path for your fleet. You must evaluate a number of aspects, including pickup times and locations, driver availability, vehicle selection for certain routes, and route assignment to drivers. As a result, manually planning their routes increased the complexity of the process for our client and had an impact on process optimization.

Ensuring safe, hassle-free commute for employees

Most Renowned ITES Companies Adopted our Employee 2 1

The Solution

To address all of the aforementioned issues, Asti offers a progressive fleet management solution that is the ideal transport management and tracking solution for corporations and transportation providers. We’ve integrated GPS technology into Asti Fleet Management (AFM), our fleet monitoring tool so that admins can monitor & manage fleets in real time. Employees and drivers find it extremely useful and completely hassle-free because they can access all information and updates from their smartphones.

The Result

With Asti’s Fleet Management (AFM) Solution, which is an advanced Employee Transportation Solution, our client experienced a major change in their transportation activities and got a lot of advantages over their initial processes.

  • Reduced transport cost per employee per trip from Rs. 135 to Rs.112 (12%)
  •  Increased occupancy from 67% to 79%
  •  Driver No Shows were reduced
  • Reduced help desk tickets from 800 calls to 100 calls per day
  • Reduce the cost & time effort for billing & MIS from 15-20 days to a few minutes
  • Visibility to Line Manager on the cost of transportation for their cost center and Employee Usage trends.
  • Reduced daily average commute time per employee by 8 minutes

The Conclusion

As we return to the workplace, more companies are looking to implement an employee transportation management system. Businesses with a huge workforce must go digital in order to provide their employees with a positive commute experience. As a result, this technology may help your company stand out and carve out a place in the market as a firm that takes care of employee safety and seamless daily commute. Even a transportation management firm may use this necessity to stay competitive.

Adopting our automated platform, AFM, to handle your employee mobility operations is, in a nutshell, the need of the hour. Asti Infotech’s Fleet Management Solution is one of the best corporate transport management & tracking solutions that benefits both companies and their transportation providers. AFM is well-known in India as one of the best fleet tracking systems for increasing operational efficiency and lowering costs. It provides employees with a secure and comfortable commute around the clock. So, with that, you can also make your transportation system empowered.


How does the AFM Solution help reduce transportation costs for organizations?

AFM Solution optimizes fuel usage, reduces vehicle maintenance costs, and controls overall transportation expenses through efficient fleet management. By providing real-time data and analytics, it enables organizations to identify cost-saving opportunities and make informed decisions to minimize expenditure.

Can the AFM Solution improve employee satisfaction with transportation services?

Yes, AFM Solution enhances employee satisfaction by improving vehicle availability, reducing delays in transportation, and providing a smoother commuting experience. With optimized routes and timely pickups/drop-offs, employees experience fewer disruptions and have greater confidence in the transportation service provided by their organization.

How does AFM Solution alleviate the workload on transport desk personnel?

AFM Solution automates various transportation management processes, including route planning, roster preparation, and tracking of fleet performance. By providing real-time data and streamlining workflows, it reduces the administrative burden on transport desk personnel, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks and ensuring smoother operations.

What kind of visibility does AFM Solution offer on fleet usage and performance?

AFM Solution provides comprehensive visibility on fleet usage and performance through real-time tracking and reporting features. Organizations can monitor vehicle location, speed, and status in real-time, as well as access historical data and analytics to analyze trends and identify areas for improvement in fleet management.

How does AFM Solution assist in optimizing routes and rosters for employee transportation?

AFM Solution utilizes advanced algorithms to optimize routes and rosters based on factors such as vehicle availability, employee transport needs, and traffic conditions. By automating route planning and roster preparation processes, it simplifies the task for organizations and ensures efficient utilization of resources for employee transportation.

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