Safety Matters: How Tracking Software Helps School Buses To Ensure Student Safety

Pothole-riddled roads, unpredictable traffic, irrational diving behaviors, drunk driving, etc., have caused various school bus accidents in India.

We are also aware of the recent Manipur school bus accident, which took the lives of 9 students and one teacher and left 35 others injured.

School bus tracking and monitoring software comes with a host of features, such as live tracking, over-speeding alerts, geofencing, etc., to prevent such issues to a great extent.

Here is a detailed guide on how each of these features enables school authorities to provide a safe commuting experience to students.

How Does a School Bus Tracking & Monitoring System Work?

A school bus tracking solution is a unified solution to track, monitor, and streamline operations of the entire fleet of school buses.

It provides real-time information about the location and status of school buses, helping parents, school administrators, and transportation companies keep track of buses and ensure the safety of students.

Such a solution comes with a host of features, such as the following-

Live Location Tracking

The core of a school bus monitoring solution is GPS technology. This feature provides continuous real-time information on the exact location of school buses, enabling school authorities to monitor the buses easily.

The authorities can stay informed in case of any delays due to traffic, weather, or other unexpected circumstances.

Additionally, parents can also check when the school bus is approaching their child’s stop or when it has safely arrived at the school.

Admin Alerts

The safety of the students depends a lot on driving behavior. A lot of road accidents happen due to reckless driving or unruly traffic, and this is a serious concern among parents.

This is also one of the reasons parents hesitate to send their kids on school buses. However, with a school bus tracking and monitoring solution, parents no longer have to worry about such things.

The alert system immediately notifies the school authorities if drivers take unplanned routes, make unnecessary halts, or in case of overspeeding.

Administrators can quickly relay information to the appropriate personnel to ensure a swift response, preventing any potential harm.


A school bus tracking system is like a 360-degree solution that takes care of all sorts of potential safety concerns.

Geofencing allows you to define virtual boundaries or zones on a map. School buses are asked to commute within the periphery of marked areas.

When a school bus exits or tries to cross these pre-defined zones, the system sends alerts to the authorities.

Hence, both parents and the administration can breathe in peace that their kids are not being commuted through unrecognized roads.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

An advanced school bus GPS system also monitors driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and idling time, to promote safe driving practices. This would ensure that your children are always in safe hands and are being commuted safely.

Historical Data & Reports

Such a system can store historical data, allowing users to review past routes, stops, and incidents and for better resolution of disputes in case any arise. On the other hand, it is also helpful for better planning of routes. This data can be valuable for optimizing routes and addressing any issues.

Benefits of School Bus Transport Management Solution in Ensuring Safety

  • The system ensures peace of mind for parents. They know where their child is during the commute to and from school.
  • The solution provides estimated arrival times, helping parents plan their schedules and reduce the time students spend waiting at bus stops.
  • Parents receive alerts when the bus is near their child’s stop or when it arrives at the school, ensuring they are informed about their child’s safe arrival.
  • Having access to real-time information and alerts can alleviate parents’ concerns about their child’s safety during the school bus journey, reducing anxiety and enhancing their confidence in the school’s transportation system.
  • The solution fosters transparent communication between parents and school authorities, enabling a quick response to any concerns or issues related to school bus transportation.
  • It can integrate attendance systems, providing parents with confirmation that their child has boarded and disembarked from the bus safely.

How does live tracking enhance student safety on school buses?

Live tracking enables real-time monitoring of school buses, allowing parents and school authorities to know the exact location of the bus at any given time. In case of delays or unexpected incidents, this feature facilitates prompt action and communication, ensuring the safety of students.

What role do over-speeding alerts play in preventing accidents?

Over-speeding alerts notify school authorities instantly when a bus exceeds predefined speed limits. This proactive feature allows for timely intervention, helping prevent accidents caused by reckless driving and ensuring that the safety parameters for student transportation are consistently upheld.

How does geofencing contribute to the security of school bus routes?

Geofencing creates virtual boundaries for school bus routes, and when a bus enters or exits these predefined zones, notifications are triggered. This ensures that buses adhere to designated routes, minimizing the risk of unauthorized diversions and providing an additional layer of security to the students during their commute.

Can school bus tracking systems assist in addressing traffic-related challenges?

Yes, school bus tracking systems can help navigate through traffic challenges by providing insights into traffic patterns and suggesting alternative routes. This not only reduces travel time but also minimizes exposure to potential risks associated with congested or problematic traffic areas.

How does a school bus monitoring system contribute to accountability in case of emergencies?

In case of emergencies such as accidents or unforeseen events, a school bus monitoring system records critical data like speed, location, and route deviations. This data serves as valuable information for investigations and ensures accountability by offering a comprehensive overview of the events leading up to the incident, aiding authorities in understanding and addressing the situation effectively.

Final Thoughts

The implementation of advanced school bus tracking and monitoring systems like Trakom not only provides real-time location data but also offers a comprehensive set of tools to enhance the security and efficiency of school transportation.

These innovative solutions not only make school bus transportation more secure but also make it more efficient and reliable, ultimately benefiting both parents and school administration.

If you want to learn more about how a school transportation solution can help you improve your students’ commuting safety, book a call with us today!

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