The Role of Technology in Improving School Safety

A kid spends a substantial part of his day in the school and it’s essential to provide them with a safe and secure environment. Parents worry endlessly about their child. From the time kids board their school bus till they reach back home, everything remains in the dark for parents, which creates uncertainties.

Let’s stop the parental worries by safeguarding kids at school.

Safety of students inside the school is ultimately the responsibility of the school authorities. Schools now have to look towards the advanced technologies that can help them to overcome their daily challenges. Building a safer environment will not only ensure security of kids but also allows parents to keep their worries at bay.

What is the role of technology in improving school safety?

Technology is the buzzword everywhere. Today, smart technologies provide proactive solutions for every business to be smart and safe. When technology allows everything to be available at our fingertips, then why not the educational industry take an advantage. Adopting advanced technology for your school reaps you numerous benefits. Advancing school safety with the forward-thinking technologies creates a better place for kids to explore, learn and grow.

Some of the benefits of adopting technology in schools-

  • The GPS, RFID, AI, and much more are the latest technological advancements which ensure robust safeguarding practices in schools.
  • GPS when installed in a school bus enables parents to locate their child in real-time. This is a much-needed solution for schools to ensure the safety of kids in transit.
  • Technology like RFID when adopted by schools helps to eliminate the conventional method of attendance management and saves time for teachers/school authorities.
  • AI-led technologies are the advanced way to protect schools. It’s a multi-tiered safety approach which ensures protection of the school assets or resources.
  • The face recognition technology when integrated in schools identifies the unauthorised persons entering the campus which instantly alerts the admin. This safety tool can be also incorporated in visitor management system to safeguard the children from strangers.
  • Technology allows schools to digitize all the data which enhances the data security and privacy.

If you are looking for the right solution to fast-track your business, then here is the ultimate solution for schools which is the simplest way to automate your school operations with enhanced security. With the cutting-edge-technologies and the power of IoT, we have developed a comprehensive safety package for schools –Trakom, which will assist you in tracking and communication. Our solution is sure to pay a way for the technology upgrade for schools’ safety and allows its users- schools, parents, kids and drivers to be in a connected loop.

How Trakom ensures school safety?

One-stop solution for schools and parents to know all about their kids. Here are the magnificent safety features offered by Trakom.

  • Trakom is the ideal solution for parents and schools to ensure the safety of kids. Safety plays a critical role in students commute. The integrated GPS tracking technology is the best way to trace your kid and the live location of school bus. With the simple mobile app parents can ensure that their students are getting to and from the school safely.
  • Attendance is a significant factor for student academics and a safety factor for schools to ensure the students presence/absence. RFID technology allows you to eliminate the attendance management hassles. An automated technology which tracks the kids/teacher’s attendance and monitor the kid’s activities inside the school premises/school bus.
  • The Smart Communication feature integrated with Trakom allows parents and schools to have a connected ecosystem which allows parents to get updates about their ward regularly. A smart technology which connects the parents and teachers in a touch.
  • AI-based Face Recognition Technology, a reliable and accurate technology to automate the attendance management system for schools. The system identifies the known threats and alerts the officials in real-time. This technology can be used as a tool for the sentimental analysis of students which helps to identify student’s behaviour and depression. In this way teachers can provide individual attention to students and also have a better interaction.

Technology can certainly increase the safety standards of your school. We can help you to build a safe and smart environment. Start using our software and see the difference in your business.

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