Why an Advanced Fleet Management Solution is the Shortest Route to Cutting Operational Costs?

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management is the culmination of all activities that allow organizations to engage in and manage all information associated with their commercial vehicles and their operations. This includes activities such as procuring vehicles and their maintenance, driver management, operational efficiency, compliance management, and vehicular environmental impact. The goal of fleet management is to keep track of all fleet performance and maintenance in order to boost productivity and keep a company running smoothly. Organizations that require commercial vehicles to function usually engage in some or the other form of fleet management and fleet operations. The scale of the same may range from large-scale fleets of hundreds of vehicles to small fleets comprising a couple of vehicles.

How Does Vehicle Monitoring and Fleet Tracking Affect Operational Costs?


With the advancement in technology, an increasing number of businesses are unlocking greater business value by making the use of digital fleet management solutions. To put it simply, digital processes have revolutionized the industry and enabled organizations to gain better visibility and insights into vehicle operations, their maintenance, and asset utilization while managing the cost of ownership.

Why is this system needed?

The following is an enumeration of some ways fleet tracking and monitoring of vehicles impacts operational costs:

● Fleet managers receive real-time visibility into fleet operations via their fleet management software. This can enhance driver satisfaction while reducing fuel usage(via accurate reporting and predictive analytics). It offers them greater control over route planning and its optimization to curb inefficiencies.

● A digital schedule ensures that trucks/cars undergo periodic maintenance and allows fleet managers to identify and address severe wear and tear before it becomes a significant problem. As a result, vehicle downtime and maintenance expenses are reduced.

● Drivers can quickly and effectively report vehicle and maintenance concerns allowing maximum utilization of the fleet. Using image upload capabilities to draw attention to issue areas in real-time helps maintain vehicles on the road for longer periods by avoiding unexpected downtime.

● Monitoring progress, automating customer communication, and assigning daily tasks can save valuable time and funds for the organization. It also allows the elimination of monotonous manual tasks.

● Another critical advantage of digitized fleet management involves compliance with safe and secure practices. The digital processes of fleet monitoring and maintenance include data-driven insights into driver safety and highlighting dangerous driving practices such as harsh braking and/or speeding.

As businesses and their dependence on technology are gradually evolving, digital processes such as fleet management software are adeptly streamlining business activities while omitting manual tasks that, typically, contribute to inefficiencies.

Capabilities of an Advanced Fleet Management Solution

With the help of an efficient system, companies can carry out successful fleet management by maintaining targets and limiting maintenance/ cost problems and associated complications. Certain essential components of an advanced fleet management solution include:

● GPS-enabled live ETAs and delays. A robust fleet management solution offers live fleet tracking through a web or mobile interface.

● Live-traffic tracking and real-time navigation for roads via a secure portal and map view

● Efficient route scheduling, punching in Hours of Service (HOS) electronically. improved route performance and maximization of ROI through API-based ERP integration

● Fuel consumption monitoring and service alerts

● Driver Drowsiness Management through Edge computing

● Availability of data-driven insights to make real-time business decisions regarding the fleet

All the aforementioned capabilities of a competent fleet management solution are present in Asti Infotech’s Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring Solution (VTMS)At Asti Infotech, we believe in future-proofing and radicalizing the fleet management industry with our world-class fleet management and monitoring solution. The scope of our advanced fleet management solution extends from geo-fencing tracking to fuel consumption analytics and from real-time routing to auditing and compliance (of both drivers and vehicles).

Simply put, businesses can leverage our cutting-edge VTMS to reap a myriad of benefits and unlock boosted business capabilities while cutting down on operational costs and enhancing their operations.

Benefits of Adopting a Fleet Management Solution

As mentioned above, the adoption of a fleet management solution can effectively cut down operational costs for any given business that has to manage and maintain a fleet of vehicles. However, from streamlined communication with drivers to greater visibility into task management, the benefits of avant-garde fleet management software are not limited.

Some greater benefits of fleet management include fuel management and route planning and how they help in saving costs.

For instance, Fuel Management in VTMS allows you to keep a track of the daily fuel consumption levels of your fleets with a few clicks. This enables the fleet managers to identify and catch fuel theft and consequently save money. Automated reports allow you to tap into better analytics such as pilferage and fuel refill alerts. This capability in a fleet management solution offers the logistics/transportation firm to effectively maximize fuel efficiency by reducing unnecessary fuel costs to the company. To further understand how fuel management is beneficial in the long run, read our 3 Ways to Save Fuel with New Age Vehicle Tracking Solutions article.

Furthermore, with efficient and advanced route planning capabilities, firms can take advantage of greater productivity. For instance, it allows fleet managers to dramatically reduce time-on-site for collections/ maintenance work. This, in turn, maximizes vehicle performance and utilization. Thus, it is perhaps one of the most critical factors in controlling costs associated with commercial fleets. To know more about the boundless capabilities of VTMS, check this video.

An advanced fleet management solution can have a tremendous impact on driving cost-saving solutions and helping a company enhance productivity, whether it’s implementing fuel-efficiency measures or asset tracking. Contact us to improve your fleet’s productivity right away!

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