4 Major Safety Drawbacks of School Bus Transportation

Most parents find school buses as a convenient and reliable way of children’s school transport. It is true that school buses are easily available, accessible and comfortable to commute in. However, they also have some basic safety drawbacks which can’t be overlooked, but can be easily solved with a little effort.

Here are the 4 major safety drawbacks of school bus transportation and their solutions: –

  • Waiting at the bus stop: Most of the time it has been seen that students are waiting alone at the bus stops for their school bus. In metro cities where kidnapping, road accidents and other mishaps are commonplace, waiting alone at the bus stop without any companion is not at all safe for the kids.Solution:As we all know there is a solution for every problem if we are willing to explore. In this case too there is a reliable solution which not only ensures school bus safety but also enhances the school bus monitoring system. Use of GPS school bus tracking system in school buses enables real-time school bus GPS tracking, and also helps in planning the school bus routes, minimize the effort, cost and time. It sends notifications to the parents about the exact arrival and departure time of the school bus, boarding and de-boarding of the student to and from the school bus, which eliminates the waiting time at the bus stop also makes the parent tension free.
  • Rush at the time of boarding and de-boarding: Not only kids, adults also face problem at the time of entering and exiting from the bus. But for kids it can be too dangerous, entering and de-boarding in a rush; standing too close to the bus can cause injuries and severe accidents.Solution:Students should always try to avoid the rush. No need to hurry while entering and exiting to and from the school bus. Making a queue can be a better way to avoid the rush. Bus drivers should instruct the kids to enter the bus in a line which not only maintains discipline but also avoid mishaps.
  • No seat belts: Seat belts are the best way to have a safe transportation. It not only ensures safety, but also gives protection from several injuries. The government has declared seat belts mandatory for car users. But unfortunately, the safest transportation medium for school students, i.e. school buses does not have seat belts, which is the major safety drawback of the school transportation system.Solution:The government should make seat belts mandatory for all school buses. No doubt some of the school buses do have seat belts, but they are small and uncomfortable, which is of no use. By putting on the seat belts while commuting to school, the students will be safe from injuries.
  • Over speeding of the school buses: I am pretty sure that most of us have seen high-speed school buses on streets, main road, highways and flyovers. It shows lack of concern of bus drivers for the safety of students. They generally overlook the extreme results they might face due to over speeding of the vehicle.Solution:To restrict such rash driving and ensure school bus safety, the advanced school bus tracking software supports a feature which will send an over-speeding notification to the admin. This ensures that drivers will be more careful and will avoid such reckless driving thereby preventing accidents and mishaps.

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