5 incredibly useful features supported by GPS vehicle tracking software

GPS enabled school buses are installed with GPS vehicle tracking software, which makes them one of the safest & most convenient modes for student commute in today’s times. It’s a one-time investment for the schools which ensures them 24*7 tracking of school buses. This multi-user GPS school bus tracking software can be operated by school admin, parents and as well as the school bus driver. To update parents of the whereabouts of their kids in real time and to keep a constant watch on the movement of school buses, it supports a range of advanced features.

Following are the 5 incredible features supported by GPS vehicle tracking software, which you must be aware of –

  • We cannot always be assured that the driver will drive carefully within the speed limits, but yes with the school bus tracking solution it becomes easy to monitor each and every move of the school bus. The real-time school bus tracking keep us informed about the current location of the bus. It supports live map where you can see the real time movement of the buses. By doing this, parents can be assured of the child’s safety and also proper action can be taken before any mishap.
  • Prompt notifications are sent to the parents as soon as the student boards/de-boards the bus, or regarding the arrival and departure time of the bus as well as any delay in the scheduled timings, and change in routes. To keep a control over the speed, it supports overspeeding alerts which send notifications in case the vehicle crosses the prescribed speed limit. This not only ensures the safety of students but also keeps the drivers warned.
  • Advanced route planning is another useful feature supported by school bus monitoring system. It optimizes the school bus routes and provides a safe and time-efficient commute to and from school. Manual route planning is a time-consuming task which becomes even more complicated at the time of planning route for different areas. The school bus transportation management system needs to consider all the students’ addresses, available stoppages, and traffic conditions to decide upon the best route. Thus, automating route planning not only gives the shortest route but also helps in reducing fuel consumption and maintenance cost.
  • It sends vehicle idling notifications, which enables the school admin to know the idling timings so that necessary action can be taken without any delay. It goes a long way in saving the fuel cost and reducing negligence on the part of drivers.
  • GPS enabled school bus also has RFID system installed on its gates, which record the attendance of the students who enter and exit from the bus, as well as the stoppages where the students have boarded and de-boarded. It can be very helpful in scenarios where it becomes essential to detect the stoppages from where the students are boarding/de-boarding.

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