Asti Infotech: The Best IoT Company Of The Year

Delhi, 22 February 2019: Asti Infotech is awarded “Best IoT Company of the Year” in 9TH MT India Health Care Awards 2019. It is indeed a proud moment for Asti Infotech! Getting recognized feels good and keeps us motivated to deliver our best. This recognition for sure paves a long path for us. There is a lot to be done and we are all charged up.

9TH MT India health care Awards 2019 is organized by the leading healthcare and medical magazine of India, “Medgate Today”. Medgate Today is India’s most comprehensive, well-researched, informative, and extensive coverage health and wellness magazine. This platform is to bring the latest technological developments in Health and Wellness to service providers.

Being an IoT company, Asti has come up with various IoT-based solutions that use the latest technologies like GPS, RFID, NFC, OCR, Face recognition, Image processing, and analytics. Our innovation lab is continuously focused on finding solutions for new use cases to make the world a better place with the use of affordable technology.

Internet of everything

A system of interconnected devices that are accessible through the internet and has the ability to transfer data is called as Internet of Things (IoT). The devices used in IoT can be a vehicles, home appliances, electronic devices, sensors, or actuators. None of the industries can sit back in these times and ignore the advantages IoT has to offer. The world is transforming with applications like smart cars, wearables, smart homes, smart cities, smart TVs, smart schools, etc. Health care can not be left behind. With the help of IoT, we are creating a better-managed system without personal dependency.

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