GIC Award For Tracking Technology Solutions

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09 March 2019 – So excited to announce that Asti Infotech has won the “GIC Innovation award for tracking technology solutions”. It is a proud moment for us to be recognized in the “top 30 technologies @2030” organized by the “Global IT Commune (GIC) and Talent2Success”.

GIC is an industry-academia platform that conducts conferences, training, and seminars for IT professionals in the country and works closely with institutes/colleges/Universities from academia and Industry. GIC aims to explore the latest and greatest technology offerings to students of Engineering/Management and to make them employable and relevant to times.

In this event, GIC has put forward the top 30 futuristic technologies @2030 which included, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of things, Mobile/social Internet, Blockchain, Big Data, Automation, Robots, Immersive media, Mobile Technologies, Cloud computing, 3D Printing, 12CX, Energy Tech, Cyber Security, Voice Assistants, Nanotechnology, Collaborative Tech, Health Tech, Human-Computer Interaction, Geo-Spatial Tech, Advanced Materials, New Touch Interfaces, Wireless power, Clean Tech, Quantum Computing, Smart Cities, Edge Computing, Faster, Better Internet, Proximity Tech, New Screens.

These futuristic technologies are sure to revolutionize the world soon. Back then, people weren’t as advanced as today. However, the evolution of technology at a fast pace has transformed the world and continues to change our lives. As technology has taken an important part in our lives, Asti has analyzed the real needs in the business world. We have carried out various research and have come up with various innovative solutions that automate and track your system.

We provide you smart solutions with the latest technologies that will make your life easier and smarter. Tracking solutions by Asti uses the advanced technologies like GPS (Global positioning system), RFID (Radio frequency identification). Here are the real-time tracking solutions provided by us.

  • Trakom – A smart solution integrated with GPS and RFID helps you upgrade your school technologically. It ensures safety and security of students while commuting to school. Real time school bus tracking and smart communication make this a smart solution for school administration, parents and mentors.
  • Imprint – A GPS based solution that helps you track and manage your company sales force efficiently and effectively. Helps companies to track their field agents work and location in real-time. By this way it helps the companies to boost their productivity and improve performance.
  • Asti Fleet management – A multifunctional platform that helps you manage the fleet of taxis, buses and shuttles in a single dashboard. It facilitates convenience for the transport manager in performing multiple tasks efficiently in a single dashboard.
  • RFID attendance management – RFID based attendance management and student monitoring solution. This helps in monitoring the student activities in school premises and alert them in case of some unscheduled or unrestricted movements.
  • GPS vehicle tracking solutions – GPS based vehicle tracking system provides real-time tracking of fleets. Helps the fleet managers to monitor the vehicles and avoid unplanned movement of the fleet drivers. It also helps in speed management, route planning, driver management.

We are also into futuristic technologies like NFC, OCR, Face recognitions, Image processing and video analytics. Our team is continually working on shaping up the best solutions with latest technologies. Other products we are in a process of launching based on these technologies-

  • Elderly and disabled care solutions – A solution that is a combination of technologies like face recognition, video analytics, and RFID attendance management.
  • Sleepy driver detection – Face recognition-based solution which is a great tool to prevent accidents caused by sleepy drivers and ensure life safety.
  • Digitalized visiting card keeping – An application for professionals to store visiting cards digitally on their phones with required information with just one click of the card. Help to handle the loss of scanning card holders for required contact.

IoT is one of the leading futuristic technologies, that can be used in every industry to bring automation in the literal sense. Asti is a provider of various IoT-based applications that help you stay connected with the information you need at the time you need it, that’s all that matters. The time has come to understand and analyze how the technology helps your business. Yes, technology is the key driving force that is reshaping the world. Today, every business needs to integrate with advanced technologies to compete and thrive. Without upgrading the existing system, it is difficult for a company to survive. This is where we can help you, contact to connect your business with the latest available technology.

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