AFM – Empowering Fleet Managers for Efficient Ad hoc Cab Rental/Spot Rental Management

The need for an efficient employee transport management solution cannot be denied in the current times, when long commutes, safety concerns and traffic woes are the norm in all big cities. Ensuring efficiency and accuracy in managing transportation for employees is crucial. Modern solutions, like AFM employee transport automation system, are revolutionizing the way fleet managers handle day-to-day operations, making the process seamless and hassle-free.

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Among its standout features is the Spot Rental module, which addresses the specific challenges of ad hoc cab rentals and spot bookings.  The manual processes involved in communication, coordination, and traceability of vehicles and employees, as well as managing trip sheets and compliance, can lead to inefficiencies and increased administrative work. However, with the Spot Rental module of AFM, transport administrators can streamline these operations, saving time, costs, and manual efforts while providing a pleasant experience for employees and transport teams.

Let us look at how AFM simplified spot rental management for a multi-national corporation in Mumbai

The Challenges of Manual Spot Rental Management:

Prior to implementing the Spot Rental module of AFM, transport administrators faced numerous challenges in managing spot bookings, including:

a) High Volume of Email Requests: Handling hundreds of email requests for spot bookings required significant manual effort and increased the risk of miscommunication or errors.

b) Communication and Coordination: Coordinating vehicle availability, pick-up and drop-off locations, and guest details manually posed challenges in ensuring efficient and timely service.

c) Trip Sheet Management: Manually segregating paper trip sheets for compliance, billing, data collection, and reporting added complexity and increased the likelihood of errors.

d) Traceability and Accountability: Tracking the location and status of vehicles, ensuring driver compliance, and maintaining an audit trail were difficult without a centralized system.

Implementing the AFM Spot Rental Solution:

Recognizing the need to manage a spectrum of spot bookings, including slots, special requests, medical emergencies, and airport bookings, the transport administrators decided to implement the Spot Rental module of AFM. The implementation process included the following steps:

a) Booking Creation: AFM’s Spot Rental module offered a user-friendly interface for creating bookings, allowing transport administrators to input employee or guest details, select the appropriate cab category (such as premium, economy, sedan, etc.), choose the desired garage location from multiple options, and specify the applicable tariff based on various parameters (e.g., 4 Hrs 40 Kms, 8 Hrs 80 Kms, night charges, disposal, day rates, etc.).

b) Modules for Different Stakeholders: AFM’s Spot Rental solution catered to the needs of various stakeholders involved in the spot rental process. It included web portals for employers and transporters, a dedicated driver app, an app for employees/commuters, and messaging features for communicating with guests.

Key Offerings and Features

AFM employee transport automation solution’s Spot Rental module encompasses a comprehensive range of features to facilitate seamless management of spot rentals:

  • Booking Maker Checker Approval: The solution provided a robust approval workflow, allowing transport administrators to review and approve spot rental bookings, ensuring accuracy and compliance.
  • Vehicle Type & Tariffs: AFM enabled transport administrators to define and manage various vehicle types and associated tariffs, ensuring transparent and consistent pricing for different categories of cabs.
  • Vendor Assignment: Transport administrators could assign specific vendors to handle spot rental bookings based on availability, service quality, or other criteria.
  • Garage Selection: AFM allowed for the selection of the most suitable garage location from multiple options offered by the transport vendor, ensuring efficient vehicle allocation.
  • Cab Allocation: The solution automated the process of allocating the appropriate cab based on the booking details, vehicle availability, and predefined rules.
  • Real-time Tracking: AFM employee transport solution (ETS) provided real-time tracking of allocated vehicles, enabling transport administrators to monitor their movement and ETA, enhancing security and improving coordination.
  • SOS/Panic Button: The driver app included a panic button feature for emergency situations, ensuring the safety and well-being of drivers and passengers.
  • Number Masking Calls: AFM facilitated communication between drivers and guests while maintaining privacy and security through number masking, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for employees.
  • Automated Communication: The solution automated communication through SMS or notifications, providing guests with updates on cab details, driver information, and trip status.
  • E-Trip Sheet: AFM’s Spot Rental module automated the generation of electronic trip sheets, capturing trip details, distances traveled, and other essential information for compliance, billing, and reporting purposes.
  • Invoice & MIS Analysis: The solution provided comprehensive invoicing capabilities, including the generation of accurate invoices for spot rentals. It also offered detailed management information system (MIS) analysis, allowing transport administrators to gain insights into usage patterns, costs, and other performance metrics.

By implementing the Spot Rental module of AFM, the transport administrators successfully addressed the challenges associated with managing spot bookings, including a spectrum of spots like slots, special requests, medical emergencies, and airport bookings. The solution’s key offerings, such as seamless booking creation, vehicle type and tariff management, vendor assignment, garage selection, etc transformed the spot rental management process.

The transport administrators experienced improved efficiency, accurate billing, an enhanced guest experience, streamlined communication, and the ability to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. The Spot Rental module of AFM emerged as a comprehensive solution that empowered transport administrators, employees/commuters, and transport vendors to seamlessly manage spot or adhoc cab rental requirements, resulting in time savings, cost reductions, and improved service quality. Give us a buzz or schedule a demo to know more about our cutting-edge employee transport automation solution which encompasses seamless management of spot/ad hoc rentals along with safe office commute for employees.


What are the main benefits of using AFM’s Spot Rental module for managing ad hoc cab rentals?

AFM’s Spot Rental module offers numerous benefits, including:

Efficiency: Automates booking and allocation processes, reducing manual effort and errors.

Cost Savings: Streamlines operations to cut administrative costs and optimize resource use.

Enhanced Communication: Provides automated updates and number masking for secure driver-passenger communication.

Compliance and Reporting: E-trip sheets and invoicing features ensure compliance and simplify reporting and billing.

Real-time Tracking: Offers real-time tracking of vehicles, enhancing safety and coordination.

How does AFM’s Spot Rental module handle different types of booking requests?

AFM’s Spot Rental module caters to various booking requests by allowing transport administrators to input specific details such as cab category, garage location, and applicable tariffs. It can handle diverse requests, including standard spot bookings, special requests, medical emergencies, and airport bookings, ensuring all needs are met efficiently.

How does the system ensure the safety and security of employees using the spot rental service?

The AFM Spot Rental module ensures safety and security through several features:

Real-time Tracking: Allows administrators to monitor vehicle locations and ETAs.

SOS/Panic Button: Available in the driver app for emergency situations.

Number Masking: Protects privacy by masking phone numbers during driver-passenger communication.

Automated Communication: Provides timely updates and notifications to passengers.

Can AFM’s Spot Rental module integrate with existing transport management systems?

Yes, AFM’s Spot Rental module is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing transport management systems. It offers web portals for employers and transporters, a dedicated driver app, and an app for employees/commuters, ensuring smooth integration and consistent operations across various platforms and stakeholders.

How does the invoicing and reporting feature of AFM’s Spot Rental module work?

The invoicing and reporting feature of AFM’s Spot Rental module works as follows:

E-Trip Sheets: Automatically generates electronic trip sheets, capturing essential trip details.

Invoicing: Produces accurate invoices for spot rentals based on predefined tariffs and booking details.

MIS Analysis: Provides detailed reports and analytics on usage patterns, costs, and other performance metrics, helping administrators make informed decisions and optimize transport operations.

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