Did You Know About These Advanced Features of New-age Employee Transportation Solutions? Part 1

Employee commute is a serious concern for organizations and companies of today’s world. A safe and seamless employee commuting experience not only keeps the team happy but boosts productivity which in turn contributes to the overall development of the organization.

That is why it’s crucial for organizations to opt for advanced employee transportation solutions (ETS). Manual management, or lack of automated systems can lead to inefficiency, delays, safety concerns, lack of data and analytics, and higher costs.

But you can minimize or eliminate all these problems by opting for an Employee Transportation Automation solution like AFM. Such a tool comes with various advanced features to streamline the whole process so that employee commuting never becomes an issue for you.

Keep reading ahead to understand the type of features an advanced Employee Transportation Solution comes with and how they can benefit your organization.

Best Features of New-age Employee Transportation Solutions

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Route Optimization

Automated employee transportation solutions use advanced algorithms to optimize routes in real-time. Intelligent multi-maps-based routing ensures that vehicles take the most efficient paths, reducing travel time and fuel consumption. Dynamic routing adjusts routes on the fly to accommodate changes, such as traffic congestion or new pickup/drop-off points. In the case of AFM, it takes into account important factors like one-way routes, road width as well and traffic patterns based on Google as well as internal databases. What further sets it apart is constant innovation through AI and machine learning based on transactional data.

Real-time Tracking & Visibility

These solutions provide real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing both administrators and employees to monitor the exact location of the transport. This feature enhances safety, improves accountability, and enables better communication with employees regarding their transportation status.

Alarm and panic Button Alerts

An advanced employee commuting solution features alarm and panic button alerts to prioritize the safety and security of employees throughout their commutes.

The panic buttons or alarms are for emergency situations when employees feel the need for external intervention. They can send alerts to predefined emergency contacts as well as transport admins to ensure help is sent and timely action is taken to avoid any untoward incidents.

These alerts might include the vehicle’s location, details about the incident, and contact information for the affected employee. Such a feature is extremely helpful, especially for women employees as it helps them seek out help quickly.

Share Ride Option

AFM also has a shared-ride option that allows employees to share their ride details with friends and family so that they can track the employee’s journey. This adds another layer of safety and assurance to employees that their well-wishers are aware of their whereabouts at all times during the journey.

Speed and Route Deviation Alerts

Speed and route deviation alerts enhance driver accountability and safety of commute. The system monitors the vehicle’s speed and adherence to designated routes.

If the driver exceeds predefined speed limits or deviates from the planned route, alerts are sent to both the driver and administrators.

This feature promotes responsible driving behavior, reduces the risk of accidents due to speeding, and ensures that vehicles stay on safe and approved routes. By receiving real-time notifications about speed and route deviations, companies can take prompt action to address any potential safety concerns.

Women Employee Escort for Odd Hours

Another remarkable feature of a robust & advanced ETS is the provision for an escort for women employees traveling at odd hours. In such cases when women employees are commuting between 8pm-6am, the system automatically ensures that they would be assigned an escort to ensure their safety while traveling to and from work.


What is Employee Transportation Automation, and why is it necessary for organizations?

Answer: Employee Transportation Automation (ETA) refers to the use of technology and software solutions to efficiently manage and optimize employee transportation. It is necessary for organizations because it eliminates manual inefficiencies, enhances safety, and provides valuable data and analytics to improve the overall commute experience for employees. ETA tools like AFM make employee transportation hassle-free and cost-effective.

What are some key safety features in advanced Employee Transportation Solutions?

Advanced Employee Transportation Solutions prioritizes safety with features like real-time tracking, panic buttons, driver verification, and compliance checks. These features help ensure the safety of employees during their commutes and provide peace of mind for both the organization and its workforce.

How do Employee Transportation Solutions enhance cost savings?

Employee Transportation Solutions can reduce costs by optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and minimizing idle times. They also enable better resource allocation and help organizations make data-driven decisions to improve cost-effectiveness.

Can Employee Transportation Solutions accommodate different transportation needs within an organization?

Yes, modern Employee Transportation Solutions are versatile and can accommodate various transportation needs, including shuttle services, carpooling, and even managing different shifts. They offer flexibility and customization to suit the unique requirements of an organization.

How do Employee Transportation Solutions contribute to employee satisfaction and productivity?

Employee Transportation Solutions contribute to employee satisfaction by ensuring a smooth and reliable commute experience. Reduced commute stress, on-time arrivals, and safety measures boost employee morale. When employees are happier with their commutes, it positively impacts their productivity, as they arrive at work in a better frame of mind, ready to perform at their best.

Unlock Efficiency and Safety: Embrace the Latest Employee Transportation Solution, AFM, Today!

In this digitally advanced era, you can no longer rely on outdated or age-old computing systems. By embracing a cutting employee commuting tool like AFM, you can not only upgrade your company’s transportation process but also unlock a whole new level of efficiency and safety.

With AFM’s advanced features, you can even enjoy features like panic buttons and emergency response mechanisms, ensuring your employees are in good hands no matter what.

Besides, your employees will enjoy the convenience of self-service portals, where they can monitor rides, get alerts, know driver details, and communicate effortlessly.

If you’re curious to know more about how this tool can change the whole transportation game of your organization, get on a call with us today!

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