Digitalize Student Attendance Using Technology

Our educational system’s lifeblood is teachers. They assist in the development of our young into well-informed persons who are prepared to take the next step in their life, whether that step is further education or entering the workforce.

Students, on the other hand, must do their part in order for teaching to be effective they must study, complete their assignments, and attend class. While everyone understands the importance of the first two responsibilities, attendance is equally crucial to a student’s academic success. Attendance is the most crucial component of any school or classroom! Keeping track of student, teacher, and staff attendance are important for a variety of reasons. Have you ever noticed how many of your pupils fail to show up for the class? Is it difficult for you to swiftly inform your parents or guardians? Simpler, smoother, and better attendance tracking is currently required in your educational establishments. Digitalizing student attendance systems ensures all these and comes with a multitude of benefits for all stakeholders.

Issues with Manual Attendance Management

When we talk about manual attendance systems, these are the old school, classic systems that require the teachers, attendance managers to fill in the attendance sheets manually. Now, this system has a lot of issues including:

  • Chances of Data Manipulation The data may be readily changed because it is manually recorded. This can lead to a variety of complications, such as erroneous attendances, incorrect entries, and so on. As a result, you may be recording proxies for a large number of pupils.
  • Chances of Human Error Student attendance must be recorded, taking into account required compliance, timings, and other factors. When such jobs are carried out by hand, however, the risk of human mistakes increases.
  • Speed of attendance Manual attendance takes a long time to collect all of the kids’ attendance data. Furthermore, updating scorecards and correcting time entry mistakes, among other things, may take up a significant amount of your time.
  • Ineffective and outdated process Manual techniques of obtaining attendance are ineffectual and are becoming obsolete as new technologies continue to become available. As a result, employing such antiquated procedures can have a substantial impact on academic operations while also being costly.

Technology comes to rescue the attendance management

The use of modern technology has made it much simpler to regulate student attendance in many organizations, particularly in large schools and universities. It can prevent undesired student movements and unlawful access in addition to collecting attendance.

An automated attendance system can keep track of pupils in a cost-effective and comfortable manner. You will get a lot of fantastic benefits by implementing this system, which will make it easier for you to control students’ attendance and keep track of their records.

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● RFID-Based Attendance System

An RFID-based attendance system is a sophisticated attendance management system with an RFID reader, RFID tag, LCD display, and microcontroller unit that uses wireless communications to verify the identification of students, instructors, and other employees. Students at school, college, and university utilize RFID attendance systems to keep track of their attendance. Students or workers can easily verify their attendance by placing their ID cards on the reader. The benefits of this system are that it provides accurate & real-time attendance data, gives a notification about every entry/exit made, eliminates human error, and provides automatic digitalized records.

● Facial Recognition Based Attendance System

To track the attendance of students in an organization, the facial recognition attendance solution employs Computer Vision and Machine Learning algorithms. Face recognition is used in the system, which involves photographing each student in the class and storing their information on a server. After that, the instructor may simply click several images of the classroom to register attendance. Each student’s presence or absence will be verified by the system, which will identify their faces. The benefits of this system are that it tackles proxy attendance, increases productivity, eliminates human error and provides a complete AI-based experience.


Digitalized attendance monitoring allows for more efficient document procedures, enhanced compliance, and increased student retention. With TRAKOM , Asti Infotech’s comprehensive student security and school management solution, you can totally digitalize your organization’s time-consuming attendance management while protecting the safety of your children and delivering peace of mind to their parents. It provides you with numerous capabilities related to attendance management as well as students’ safety, so with TRAKOM, empower your organization’s management now.

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