A Peek into TRAKOM Parents’ App

The majority of working-class parents feel that enrolling their children in a top-tier school is a surefire way to ensure a better life for their children. Regrettably, this is not the case. The world has changed. In today’s environment, no one can blame instructors or educators for poor academic performance or any tragic situations involving their children’s safety. Parenting may be a difficult endeavor, especially if you work full-time and have children in school. You spend varying amounts of time worrying about their safety and security every time they are out of sight. This includes things over which you have no control, such as their daily bus ride to school. The COVID-19 epidemic has further heightened these fears.

A comprehensive school mobile app can go a long way in eliminating these fears and assisting students, educators, and parents by allowing them to communicate anytime and anywhere while also keeping an eye on children’s safety during their commute and in school premises. A school app like TRAKOM’s parents’ app is designed to be incredibly user-friendly; it shares timely notifications/alerts and presents complete overview of all aspects of child’s safety and daily activities available at a single glance. It allows parents to examine their children’s current academic activities, track their commute and stay updated about their attendance & academic reports with only a few clicks. Let’s take a peek into the TRAKOM app for parents to understand how it helps the parents in being worry-free when their kids remain at school.


One of the most reliable school bus tracking systems and solutions in India for kid safety is TRAKOM, a GPS/RFID-based tracking and monitoring solution. Its award-winning smart tracking technology allows for real-time bus tracking and surveillance of student activity both inside and outside the school bus. You may save time, and money, and secure the safety of your child using real-time school bus tracking software. The safety and security of students/children while traveling to school and their activities inside the school premises have been a key concern of school administrators and parents over the years. Every school’s top priority is to ensure the safety of its students. Schools may achieve the former with the aid of real-time school bus tracking software that uses cutting-edge technology.

We understand the concerns of parents about their child’s safety at school. RFID in schools and school buses aids in the monitoring of student activity both inside and outside of the classroom. When scanned on the school bus and at the school gates, the RFID card automatically records student attendance and shares updates with all stakeholders. When their kid enters/exits the school or boards/deboards the school bus, an immediate SMS or notice is delivered to the parents. This tracker software can be combined with any school and school bus type, improving efficiency, ensuring student safety and assisting in the development of strong parent-school relationships. TRAKOM is a safety and security tool for schools, including kindergartens, that allows them to monitor the physical, emotional, and cognitive safety of their students at all times. In the TRAKOM Parents’ App all the menu tabs are available on the screen for parents to check the day-to-day activities like bus movement, food details, homework, chat, notices etc. The profile pic of the student can also be set from the profile pic section.

This clever approach assists schools in organizing their activities, saving time for instructors, and keeping parents well informed. With only one app, you can enjoy a host of benefits, while ensuring well-being of school students.

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Benefits of TRAKOM for Parents

Parents are always concerned about their children’s location till they come home. We provide parents with a useful tool that allows them to stay informed about their children’s activities, assuring their safety and pleasure. For parents, the school bus tracking program has been intended to be simple and easy to use. TRAKOM gives parents peace of mind by keeping them updated about their child’s whereabouts and real-time activity. The parent app may be installed on a smartphone running Android or iOS and provides live school bus location monitoring as well as push/voice notifications regarding arrival/departure. TRAKOM Parent’s App provides the following features:

● The App notifies parents of scheduled routes, the current position of school buses, and their child’s boarding and deboarding information on a regular basis.

● There will be no more waiting at pick-up and drop-off locations. With GPS bus monitoring, they may follow the ETA (estimated time of arrival) of the bus that will drop and pick up their ward at the assigned stop site.

● Parents can have peace of mind by receiving timely SMS or alerts regarding unscheduled routes, start times, and bus delays.

● Parents may contact instructors and stay informed about their children’s activities using the smart communication tool.

● TRAKOM allows parents to track more than one child with the same cellphone number at the same time. This unique function allows parents to follow their children at the same time by simply switching tabs, making it simple and handy.


Despite technological breakthroughs, mankind has lost sight of what genuine humanity entails. Children’s safety has become a major concern as a result of inhumane criminal activities, and it should not be treated lightly at any cost. This is why the vast majority of today’s top schools & educational institutions use student safety management software. TRAKOM offers a GPS-based real-time vehicle monitoring system, along with RFID technology based attendance and monitoring. TRAKOM includes modules such as GPS Live Bus Tracking, RFID based attendance management, face-recognition based attendance, live streaming from school bus/class and School ERP to cover the entire range of student activities from the time they leave home for school, to the time that they are safely back.

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