Ensuring Efficient Fleet Management And Boosting Productivity With Smart Devices

It’s no hidden fact that technology has revolutionized how various industries used to look into their operations, and mobile devices like Smartphones play a significant role in this transformation.

Advanced technologies like real-time location tracking, route optimization, driver face recognition, etc., ensure your employees are safe, vehicles are well-maintained, and reduce maintenance costs while boosting productivity. And, AFM employee transportation solution can help you achieve these with its end-to-end automation system.

Moreover, unlike their response to new systems or strategies, employees don’t resist using technologies accessible through smartphones, especially when they are designed to simplify their office commute and ensure safety at all times.

Let’s dig deeper and understand how to maximize employee potential and streamline employee transportation by investing in a smartphone-compatible tool like AFM.

Benefits Of Deploying A Smart Device Adaptable Mobile Employee Transportation Tool

A recent study says that there are around 6.8 billion smartphone users globally, which accounts for 85% of the total world population. Smartphones are the most powerful sensors, which can quickly provide real-time updates, and companies can use the technology to their own advantage.

For instance, an organization providing safe employee commute would benefit from the following:

A Smart Device Adaptable Mobile

Intelligent Routing

With smart devices, companies analyze traffic patterns using Google and internal databases, taking into account road width, one-way routes, etc., to reduce travel time and save money on fuel and maintenance costs.

Real-time Tracking:

Safety concerns during commutes are the top cause of worry among employees, especially if you have women employees on your team. But now you and your employees can bid farewell to such concerns with AFM’s mobile-friendly application.

The solution has a user-friendly employee app along with an admin portal with real-time tracking and monitoring capacities. With this feature, employees can request cabs with just a single click, make ad hoc requests, and share trip details with driver’s photos and emergency contacts for SOS alerts. AFM has a built-in provision for an escort for women employees traveling during dark hours.

On the other hand, company fleet managers can keep an eye on the fleet vehicles in real-time and receive notifications for any emergency situations.

Spot Rental

Another benefit of deploying a smartphone-compatible ETS is the spot rental option which allows employees to book office transport for one-off requests like airport drop or a client visit. It not only makes the commuting system convenient for employees but also minimizes company expenses.

Enhanced Rostering And Vehicle Allocation System

The rostering feature of AFM makes preparing a commuting schedule for employees super easy. The large workforce of companies often work in different shifts, so manually preparing their commuting schedule may get a little confusing.

However, the AFM rostering system makes preparing the pickup and dropping off the schedule completely hassle-free. The solution ensures the transportation routes and stops are organized and well-planned to prevent detours and reduce travel time, ultimately saving company resources.

The software takes care of the entire process eliminating chances of error, and sends notifications to employees about their commute time. And this entire process is mobile-friendly, making the system even more convenient.

Empowered Drivers

AFM also has a useful driver app that allows them to check trip details, access map navigation, save toll & parking slips, and take employee attendance. Local language support makes the app even more convenient for drivers.

Increased Employee Satisfaction

AFM contributes to employee satisfaction by simplifying employee transportation, providing enhanced safety, and empowering them with convenient smartphone access to the employee transportation solution. Since employees have the shuttle/cab location and arrival time at their fingertips, it reduces stress and hassle. It also fosters transparency since everyone has access to the same information.

The tool ultimately creates a positive work environment that promotes job satisfaction and employee retention.

How can a smartphone-compatible tool like AFM improve employee transportation?

AFM, as a mobile employee transportation solution, leverages the power of smartphones to provide real-time updates on vehicle locations, route optimization, and driver safety features. This technology ensures that employees have a safe and efficient commute, reducing transportation-related hassles and boosting overall productivity.

How does real-time location tracking benefit businesses and their employees?

Real-time location tracking allows businesses to monitor their fleet’s movements, ensuring that employees are on the correct routes and arriving at their destinations on time. This not only enhances the company’s operational efficiency but also provides peace of mind to employees regarding their safety during the commute.

Can employees easily adapt to using smartphone-compatible transportation tools like AFM?

Yes, employees typically find it easy to adapt to such tools since they are already familiar with using smartphones in their daily lives. Smartphone-compatible tools are designed to simplify the employee commute and enhance safety, making them more appealing and user-friendly for the workforce.

How can AFM help in reducing maintenance costs for a company’s fleet?

AFM can aid in reducing maintenance costs by providing real-time vehicle data and alerts. This allows companies to perform preventive maintenance, addressing issues before they become costly problems. It helps extend the lifespan of the vehicles and minimizes unexpected breakdowns.

What are the benefits of using employee transportation solutions for companies with a large workforce?

Employee transportation solutions like AFM are particularly beneficial for companies with a large workforce because they optimize routes, reduce transportation costs, ensure employee safety, and enhance overall productivity. These tools are essential for managing the logistics of a large employee base efficiently.

These FAQs and their answers should provide a clear understanding of the advantages of using smartphone-compatible tools like AFM for efficient fleet management and employee transportation.

Don’t Stay Behind; Opt For A Smartphone Friendly Employee Management Solution With AFM!

A smartphone-friendly employee transport automation tool like AFM could be a game changer for companies with a large workforce. This modern solution can unlock a multitude of benefits and streamline the employee commute procedure.

If you would like to implement a smart ETS like AFM and want to get more insights into the tool’s endless capacities, get on a call with us today!

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