Unleash Exponential Business Growth With Imprint’s Client & Lead Management Feature

Being the head of the client and leading management team in an FMCG company is not easy. The entire team needs to take care of a lot of data regarding how client management is being taken care of, the status of new leads, the success rate of lead conversion, and more.

As a reputed company, we need to take care of consumer preferences, consumer behavior, and how they are responding to our services. Hence, our client database is huge, and manually tracking the reports is nothing less than trying to find your way out of a maze.

Even a recent Havard study shows that 24% of companies take more than 24 hours to respond to customer’s initial queries. The same study says that 23% of companies fail to respond altogether.

We were struggling with a similar issue. Either we missed taking some updates or forgot to follow up with others. And our biggest struggle was a manual operation. It was error-prone and had higher chances of missing leads.

But then we shifted to a completely automated field force performance monitoring solution called Imprint. The tool was designed to tackle poor visibility, automate tedious tasks, and streamline client & lead management.

The implementation of the tool took care of all my field sales management woes, eased my team’s efforts, and maximized our company’s potential.

What Is Imprint & How Does It Help In Client And Lead Management?

Imprint is a field sales management software designed to help businesses effectively track and manage their field operations.

It provides crucial details regarding agent location, managing work orders, time spent on various tasks, updates on client visits, client queries, etc. To sum it up, the purpose of such a system is to take care of your entire field sales workforce and monitor their daily schedule in the field.

One of the core features of Imprint is managing leads and clients. Companies like ours with a large remote workforce often struggle to maintain their client history, follow up with customer queries, and stay updated about recent client communications.

As we said, we have been dealing with the same issues, but Imprint solved them to a great extent. Imprint has a special customer and lead management dashboard where records like customer name, email ID, type, address, contact number, branch name, company name, etc., get saved.

Furthermore, the lead dashboard keeps updating about new leads generated, lead follow-up status, the status of communication, if any, and more. Such a comprehensive system makes keeping track of every activity super easy and ensures that we don’t keep our clients waiting for long.

Benefits Of Imprint In Managing Leads

Benefits Of Imprint In Managing

As I mentioned, Imprint took half the load off our shoulders and reduced manual work to a great extent. Here are some of the best benefits we enjoyed from it:

  • Field employees can update real-time client &lead status, add notes & images, and record interactions into the system with a speech-to-text feature, preventing loss of information and enabling timely follow-up.
  • Better work order management and ensuring everything gets done on time. Even inventory management, allows us to maintain the sales pipeline!
  • Effective client communication eliminates the scope of miscommunication or communication gaps between clients and field employees.
  • Imprint gives data-driven insights related to client management and lead conversion rate, customer preference, sales trends, etc.

To Simplify Client and lead Tracking, Sign Up For Imprint Today!

Imprint’s powerful and advanced technology made managing clients and leads effortless and efficient for us. It put an end to manual data entry and tedious paperwork and digitized the entire client tracking journey on a robust database so that you can focus on closing more deals and building an everlasting relationship with your clients.

If you want to seize valuable leads and never miss an opportunity to engage with your clients, you can also explore the benefits of Imprint!

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