Ensuring Safe School Commutes: Discover the Top Features of TRAKOM’s School Bus Tracking Solution

Unfortunately, school bus incidents can be devastating, especially when the buses lack the necessary safety measures like seat belts, an efficiently working engine, and, most importantly, a school bus tracking solution. This is why safety should never be compromised when it comes to our children’s school bus commute.

According to a report, in 2021, more than 4 lakh road accidents were reported in India, which includes school buses too. These numbers underscore the pressing need for comprehensive safety solutions to safeguard the lives and well-being of children.

This is why deploying a school bus tracking solution like Trakom is crucial to ensure the safety of students as well as the bus operating staff.

A school bus GPS system comes with many advanced features to ensure parents and the school administrative system stay updated with the whereabouts of their children.

In this blog, we have discussed the top features of Trakom, a modern-day GPS solution for school buses designed to address student commute challenges.

Let’s read further to understand why schools should opt for such a solution.

Top Features of Trakom: An Advanced School Transport Solution

Trakom combines the following features to create a robust school bus tracking solution that enhances safety and streamlines operations.

Top Features of Trakom An Advanced School Transport Solution

Live Location Tracking By Parents & Administration

Real-time location tracking is one of the primary features of Trakom. The feature allows school administration as well as parents to see the live location of the bus. Trakom integrates GPS technology which makes monitoring the entire school bus fleet’s movements effortless.

The feature ensures parents have peace of mind knowing their children’s whereabouts during school commutes.

Admin Alerts

With Trakom’s admin alert feature, school administrators get instant notifications about critical events or deviations from the planned route. Whether it’s a delay, or unscheduled stop, or an emergency situation, school authorities can stay informed and take necessary actions.

Enables Monitoring of Driver Behavior

Rash driving is one of the main causes of accidents, which necessitates the importance of monitoring driver behavior. Trakom allows monitoring of driver behavior regularly and provides regular reports regarding the same.

The drivers are well aware that they are being monitored regularly, which prevents rash driving, overspeeding, sudden breaks, sharp turns, and traffic rule violations.


School authorities can set virtual boundaries around designated areas. The school authorities immediately receive alerts whenever a school bus crosses the geo-fenced areas. Again such an advanced system provides enhanced safety for the students.

School Bus Scheduling & Route Planning

Appropriate bus scheduling and route planning help schools make the optimum use of the school bus fleet.

Schools with a large fleet of buses have to spend a lot on operational costs, including fuel expenses, bus maintenance, driver salaries, and other expenses.

Extended idling, stagnant traffic, and unplanned routes are the common causes of increased expenditure. That’s where the bus scheduling and route planning feature comes into the picture.

The tool helps analyze the time required to cover different routes, traffic patterns, and the best route to follow for picking up and dropping off students. Such advanced features ensure the most efficient use of resources and reduce wastage of time and fuel.

Besides, the system lets drivers re-route in case of emergencies, and the administration gets updated about the same.

Smart Bus Attendance

Trakom simplifies the attendance-taking process for students using RFID or other cards. The system automatically records the boarding and de-boarding information of each student. It avoids confusion, chances of errors, and manual paperwork.

Live Streaming of Students’ Activities

In addition to an offline Camera solution, Trakom enables live streaming of students’ activities on the bus. Parents and teachers monitor kids’ behavior and safety not only on the bus but also within the classroom.

In case of unpleasant situations, parents and students can rely on this footage to take proper action toward solving the issues.

Pick Up, Drop & Proximity Notifications

Trakom sends timely notifications about ETA, pickup, and drop-off notifications to parents. It helps students reach the bus stop on time, and parents no longer need to keep waiting for longer durations while going to pick up their kids.

Centralized Dashboard To Track the Fleet

Lastly, Trakom has a centralized dashboard where school admins can monitor each and every activity of the entire fleet. They can have quick access to the live location of all the buses, statuses like idling, running, or on halt, and other crucial statuses stated above.

Such a robust and well-laid-out system allows schools to provide safer commuting experiences to students.

What is the primary purpose of Trakom’s school bus tracking solution?

Trakom’s school bus tracking solution primarily aims to enhance the safety and security of students during their daily commutes to and from school by providing real-time information on the bus’s location and other advanced features.

How does Trakom’s GPS system help in ensuring student safety on school buses?

Trakom’s GPS system helps ensure student safety by offering features like real-time tracking, notifying parents and school staff about bus locations, and facilitating communication during emergencies, which collectively improve the overall safety and security of the school bus commute.

Can Trakom’s solution be integrated into the existing school administrative system?

Yes, Trakom’s solution is designed for seamless integration with existing school administrative systems, making it easy for schools to incorporate this technology into their daily operations for efficient monitoring and management of school bus fleets.

Are there any additional benefits of Trakom’s school bus tracking solution for school administrators? Yes, beyond student safety, Trakom’s solution offers several benefits for school administrators, such as optimizing bus routes, monitoring driver behavior, and improving the overall efficiency of school transportation services.

How can parents access real-time information about their child’s school bus location using Trakom’s solution?

Parents can access real-time information about their child’s school bus location by using the Trakom mobile app or web portal. This enables them to stay informed about the bus’s whereabouts and receive alerts, ensuring peace of mind and timely pickups or drop-offs for their children.

Enhance Student Safety & Streamline School Commute With Trakom

With Trakom’s comprehensive set of features, including the live tracking functionality, parents and school admins can experience peace of mind when it comes to students’ safety. The tool is specifically designed to eliminate the uncertainties and concerns that often accompany school commutes and keep parents in the loop regarding the whereabouts of their children.

We are all aware of the risks associated with motor vehicles, the unpredictability of traffic patterns, and other issues that can compromise students’ safety. Implementing a tool like Trakom is unquestionably important in the current times.

If you want to learn more about the safety features of the system and how it would benefit your school, book a demo with us today!

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