The Role of Vehicle Tracking in Preventing Fuel Theft and Unauthorized Vehicle Usage

Companies like transportation, logistics, cargo, retail, etc. that heavily rely on a fleet of vehicles spend up to 35% of the company’s budget on fuel costs. (source)

Fuel prices are rapidly increasing everywhere across the globe, and fuel theft can take a serious toll on company finances. It leads to financial losses, and operational inefficiency and impacts overall productivity.

Another problem companies commonly face is unauthorized vehicle usage which occurs due to dishonest employees or inefficient monitoring systems.

Hence, the common query among companies is- how can they stop fuel theft and unauthorized vehicle usage?

Fortunately, we have fleet management technologies like Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solution (VTMS) to combat the issue.

VTMS, a transport management solution, is powered by numerous advanced features like real-time fleet tracking on maps, vehicle status (moving, parked, or static), driving behavior analysis, and several useful alert systems.

The fleet management software instantly notifies the managers about any suspicious activities helping them take quick action and preventing the chances of serious issues.

By using the right vehicle tracking solution, companies can not only prevent fuel theft or unauthorized usage, but they can also spot the red flags and take immediate action against them.

Now let’s read further to understand the role of a GPS fleet management solution in preventing these common risks

7 Ways a Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring Solution Prevents Fuel Theft & Unauthorized Vehicle Usage

Here is how smart fleet tracking software aids in preventing fuel wastage and ensuring reduced carbon footprint:

7 Ways a Vehicle Tracking Moni

Real-time GPS Tracking

The VTMS solution provides real-time GPS tracking of vehicles enabling the fleet managers to monitor the exact location at all times. This feature allows managers to quickly identify any detours or stops that may result in fuel siphoning or theft.

Real-time tracking also acts as a deterrent. The drivers are aware that they are being monitored every second, which reduces the likelihood of unauthorized vehicle usage.

Tracking Vehicle Fuel Economy

The system helps track average mileage, speed, and fuel tank levels for every vehicle in the fleet. A drastic reduction in fuel levels or unusually high fuel requirements may indicate fuel theft, and companies can investigate the situation further.

Fuel Monitoring

The fuel monitoring capabilities can be integrated with vehicles’ fuel sensors to get accurate fuel consumption data. By fuel levels, consumption levels, and refill frequencies, fleet managers can detect sudden drops in fuel levels, indicating potential fuel theft.

The data not only helps identify suspicious acts but also provides concrete evidence to take subsequent action against the defaulters.

Allows Monitoring of Vehicle Idling

The VTMS fleet software can track and analyze information on the vehicles up to 90 days in the past and create detailed reports regarding various fleet activities, including vehicle idling.

With these features, managers can closely check unnecessary stoppages, idling, and the location of the stoppage, whether the vehicle was near the client’s location or not, etc.

These reports further help identify unauthorized vehicle usage, which could be a significant contributing factor to fuel wastage.


Geofencing is a powerful feature that allows fleet managers to define virtual boundaries for their vehicles. It sets up geofences around specific landmarks or locations, and moving beyond these boundaries triggers instant alerts. So companies can rest assured that their vehicles won’t be used for personal purposes.

Driver Identification and Authentication

A VTS Tracking system also incorporates a driver identification and authentication mechanism such as document verification & biometrics to ensure that only authorized individuals operate the vehicles. This further reduces the chances of unauthorized vehicle usage. Besides, the system tracks driver behavior like rash driving, speed limit cross, etc., preventing chances of fuel wastage and vehicle damage.

Various Alerts & Notifications

Such an advanced transport management solution comes with various customizable alerts and notification systems that can be triggered on specific conditions. Fleet managers receive notifications for vehicle movement for non-working hours, route deviation alerts, etc. These alerts allow managers to respond promptly to any unrecognized activities.

Prevent Fuel Theft and Unauthorized Vehicle Use and Enhance Vehicle Safety With VTMS!

Companies spend an average of $30,000 on fuel every year. This number does not include unplanned expenses. And fuel thefts and unauthorized vehicle usage can further cripple businesses causing substantial financial losses.

This necessitates the importance of employing a Vehicle Management and Monitoring System to prevent draining your company resources. VTMS’ comprehensive suite of features is designed to keep your fleet of vehicles safe from any theft and waste of resources. Advanced routing feature further ensures fuel economy and improved fleet efficiency.

To learn more about how VTMS can help you streamline all fleet-related concerns, schedule a demo with us today!


What is Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solution (VTMS) and how does it work?

VTMS is a comprehensive fleet management technology that combines GPS tracking and monitoring systems to keep a close eye on a company’s vehicles. It tracks their location, status, and behavior in real-time, helping companies monitor and manage their fleet effectively.

How does VTMS help in preventing fuel theft?

VTMS helps prevent fuel theft by providing real-time fuel monitoring, fuel level sensors, and alerts for fuel-related anomalies. Any sudden drop in fuel levels or unauthorized fuel fillings triggers alerts, allowing companies to take immediate action against potential theft.

Can VTMS prevent unauthorized vehicle usage?

Yes, VTMS can prevent unauthorized vehicle usage by setting up geofences and alerts. If a vehicle goes outside its designated area or operates during non-working hours, the system sends immediate alerts to management, helping them intervene and prevent unauthorized usage.

How does VTMS enhance driver behavior analysis?

VTMS uses data such as speeding, harsh braking, and idling time to analyze driver behavior. It generates reports and alerts when drivers engage in risky behavior, enabling companies to address unsafe driving habits and improve fuel efficiency.

Is VTMS suitable for small and large fleets alike?

Yes, VTMS is suitable for fleets of all sizes. It offers scalability and flexibility, making it a valuable tool for small businesses with a few vehicles and large enterprises with extensive fleets. The technology can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each company.

These FAQs and their answers can help readers understand the significance of VTMS in preventing fuel theft and unauthorized vehicle usage in various industries.

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