How can we prevent child bullying at school?

Bullying is a form of purposeful aggression characterised by a disparity in strength or power. It is a pattern of behaviour that might be physical, verbal, or interpersonal. Girls are frequently harassed through social exclusion, but boys use more aggressive physical tactics in bullying.

It is devastating to see your child suffer from bullying on a physical and emotional level. Some parents are unclear about how to start defending their kids against bullying and violence. Others might not be aware that their kids are engaging in harmful behaviour, either as offenders or as witnesses.

Teachers and school administrators are crucial allies in the fight against bullying. Bullying frequently occurs in places like school buses and classrooms where teachers and administrators can step in and stop it. School is a great place to teach kids about bullying, its negative effects, and how to cultivate an inclusive and respectful culture.

Signs of bullying you should watch out for in your child?


Keep an eye out for signs that your child is being bullied. Children might not always speak up when they are being bullied. Ripped clothing, reluctance to go to school, a decrease in food, nightmares, sobbing, or general despair and anxiety are all warning signs. Have open-ended talks to find out what is truly happening at school so you can act appropriately to correct the situation.

How should you react if your child is being bullied or threatened?

Give your child a calm & open ear. Instead of attempting to identify what led to the bullying or to find a solution, put your attention on helping them feel heard and supported.

Consult the teacher or the school. Bullying is not something you and your child need to handle on your own. Find out if the school has a policy against bullying.

Having a supportive parent is crucial for your child to deal with the impacts of bullying. Assure them that they can talk to you at any time and that everything will improve.

How can we take steps to prevent child bullying at school?

Teachers and administrators need to be aware and alert at all times. If a teacher notice bullying occurring in his/her presence, he or she must act quickly to put an end to it, record the incident, and alert the relevant school officials so the issue may be looked into.

Parents and students must participate in safety teams and antibullying task groups to find a solution. Students can learn strategies to behave positively and to intervene when bullying happens with the aid of their parents, teachers, and school administration. Younger pupils can learn safe habits from older students who can function as mentors.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to always watch over kids, especially in places where there are few teachers present and it typically occurs in those places with little or no monitoring.

In this situation, live monitoring through cameras may prove to be a vital addition to the security toolkit. Students can be held accountable for their behavior with the use of video surveillance.

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