How Education Industry has been Benefited by RFID Tracking Technology

RFID or Radio frequency identification is a wireless system which is based on radio signals that transfer information from a tag which can be attached to objects like ID cards, books, goods, etc. The tags attached to the objects send radio frequency signals to RFID readers/scanners for the purpose of identification and tracking.

The many advantages of RFID tracking system are the key reason why RFID tracking has been considered as one of the most reliable tracking technology for schools all over India.

How can schools be benefited by RFID Tracking?

School authorities handle hundreds of management tasks manually. Among which school attendance management, school bus tracking and library system management are the crucial ones. RFID technology can be used in automating most school management tasks, here is how:

  • Automated school bus attendance: In India, school buses are the most common source of student transportation. Parents rely on school bus transportation and believe it to be the safest transportation medium for student commute. Schools also endeavour to provide a safe commute to students. The installation of RFID readers at school bus gates enables the school management to have an accurate record of students who entered/exited the bus. RFID chips can be installed in student ID cards and at the time when the student enters/leaves the school bus, it will record the student’s attendance. It also supports prompt notification feature, which notifies parents about the entry/exit of the student from the school bus via email or SMS.
  • Automated school and classroom attendance tracking: Manually marking students who are present in the school premises is a difficult task for the school management, which cannot even give assurance of tracking the exact number of students present in the school. The RFID system automates the whole school attendance management system by tracking the accurate number of students. Whenever any student enters or exits, RFID readers installed at classroom gates, school entry gates and restricted areas, records the student details by reading the student ID card.
  • Automated Library Management: RFID system has various advantages over the barcode readers, which is the reason why school management is moving to RFID system for Library management also. Bar code readers used in Library system can read a single book at a time, while RFID scanner can scan multiple books at a time, which saves time and reduce the chances of redundancy in maintaining book records.

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