School Management System: Simplifies Student Tracking And School Bus Routing

Manually managing the daily attendance & records of students, teaching and non-teaching staff is a cumbersome job for the school administration. Continuing with the same traditional, old fashioned school management techniques will not be relevant in the coming years as now a cost-friendly, effective and simple to use solution is available for all, which not only simplifies student tracking but also improves school bus safety. The use of the advanced school management system eliminates the paperwork included and reduces the manpower requirement, hence helping in efficient school management in a cost effective way.

Let’s take a brief look at how school management software simplifies student tracking and school bus routing:

  • Apart from taking student attendance in classrooms, it is essential to track students’ movement within the school premises as well as while boarding/de-boarding the school bus. School management system software is a one-stop solution for all these student tracking procedures and safety measures.
  • It includes tracking of students boarding/de-boarding the bus, real-time tracking of the school bus, generating prompt notifications about arrival/departure of the school bus as well as any delays in the scheduled timings, changes in fixed routes, etc. With the comprehensive school bus management software, you can easily handle situations like tracking students who missed the bus or de-boarded at the wrong stop, and monitoring any unplanned suspicious movement of the school bus.
  • This advanced system also supports RFID attendance management, which uses RFID readers for taking the students’ attendance. RFID readers can be installed at the entry gate of the schools, classrooms, and restricted areas thus keeping a track on all activities of students and ensuring that students are safe and not upto any mischief.
  • School bus routing is considered as one of the crucial tasks handled by the school management system software. It not only improves school bus safety, but also results in considerable economical benefits for the school. The school management needs to make sure that the buses are maintaining a fixed timetable and are on the scheduled route. To improve the efficiency of school bus transportation, the school management system always tries to plan the most effective routes.
  • The school management system software is easy to install and affordable to maintain. It not only reduces the operational time, but also simplifies the school tasks. It automates the manual works involved in school management and improves the accuracy by eliminating complexity, redundancy.

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