How RFID Scanners Ensure Your Child’s Safety in School Premises

The recent unfortunate and brutal incident at Ryan School Guragon has not only shaken up the nation, but also brought everybody’s attention to the lax state of student safety even in the best of schools. It has made both parents and school authorities take notice and think about better safety measures to make sure such incidents are averted in the future.

The actual challenge faced by school authorities is the inability to track each and every student within the school premises and to ensure that children do not wander off to restricted areas where there are greater risks of any untowardly incident. Thus there is a need for a comprehensive solution that allows school administration to keep an eye on students within the school premises and alert them in case of any unscheduled or unrestricted movement.

Asti Infotech’s RFID based Student Tracking System :

Asti’s School Safety solution uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tracking for monitoring student movement within the premises. The system ensures that students are under surveillance right from the time they enter the school gates, until the time they have safely left the premises either rwith their guardians or through GPS and RFID-enabled school transport.

How It Works:

RFID readers are installed at various locations (including school gates and restricted areas, toilets, etc) within the school premises. RFID chips are embedded in students’ I-cards or uniforms so that whenever a student crosses a scanner location, information will immediately be sent to school authorities as well as parents. This ensures the following:

  • Helps teachers to record exact attendance
  • Alarm or Alert authorities by providing whereabouts of a student in real time in case a student trying to enter restricted area by mistake or on purpose
  • School authority can define the un-authorized/ restricted areas in school premises
  • School authority will be notified or alarmed if any student:
    1. Enters an un-authorized/restricted area
    2. Enters any authorized area in restricted timing, like canteen in class hours
    3. Missing from the class during class hours for more than defined limit
    4. Remains in the school after scheduled time
  • School authority will be able to track and monitor attendance of students at school automatically and notify parents for un-informed absence from school
  • Parents/guardians can be notified instantly and automatically in case his/her child gets out of school before scheduled time

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