School Bus Transportation has Revolutionized Safety Measures

School bus transportation has experienced many major advancements in the past few years. The advanced GPS school bus tracking technology has made school transportation the safest commutation medium for school students. The School transportation management system has automated the whole school bus transportation system.

The school bus tracking software supports a wide range of services, which are specifically developed to ensure a safe student commute. The software can be operated by the school admin, parents and the school bus driver. Parents and the driver can operate the mobile app while admin has the authority to operate the web app.

Following are the advanced features supported by the School bus tracking software:

  • Prompt Notification generation: It updates the parents by sending notifications of arrival/departure of the buses, changes in the normal routes, any delay in the fixed schedule, unscheduled stops, boarding/deboarding of students. Apart from it, in case the vehicle stops at a particular place for a longer time, it sends excessive idling alerts to the school admin.
  • Live Map enables real-time tracking: In the Live map supported by the web and mobile app, parents and school admin can see the real-time movement of the school bus. It enables real-time tracking which assures parents and schools of the student safety. It can track the exact location of the students in case of emergency situations, traffic jams, route deviation etc.
  • All possible routes can be viewed: In the mobile app operated by the school bus driver all possible bus routes to a particular location can be viewed, which will help the new school bus driver to get acquainted with the existing routes. In the case of route deviation, it shows all alternate routes with minimum diversions.
  • RFID school attendance management: The RFID readers are installed at the school bus doors. It takes students’ attendance when they enter or exit from the bus. By doing this the boarding and de-boarding stoppages of the students can be easily tracked. Manual school bus attendance tracking can be redundant, while RFID student attendance tracking is accurate and easy to evaluate.

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