How School Bus Live Tracking Saved My Son From Roaming Alone on the Streets?

It’s been a couple of months since my four-year-old son Josh started attending school. I used to go and drop him off in the initial days, but his school timing wasn’t sitting well with my office schedule. So I opted to have him take the school bus to get to school.

However, it took me a while to convince myself to send my dearest Josh on the bus. I’m sure parents can relate to my dilemma. I was worried about whether I would arrive on time to pick him up. What if Josh starts roaming the streets alone?

However, the school authorities assured me they have a live GPS school bus tracking system in their entire fleet of school buses. The GPS system in their school buses allows live tracking of the whereabouts of the bus so that I know the exact arrival time of my little kid back from school.

Why Should All Schools Adopt GPS Live Tracking System?

Why Should All Schools Adopt GPS

Approximately 2,300 children in the U.S. are missing every day. Stranger abduction and being lost are two of the core reasons children go missing.

I didn’t want Josh to be one of those children who face these; hence, I made sure the school he attends follows strict safety measures, especially regarding transportation.

The school bus GPS tracking system is so efficient that it continuously updates the live location of the school bus on the map in the Parents’ App. Timely notifications ensure that I know exactly how far he is from home, and I can go pick him up exactly on time.

It’s a life-saving technology because I know Josh doesn’t have to wait alone on the street, nor are there risks of him roaming around the street alone and getting lost. Just recently, I heard my neighbor’s daughter met with a minor accident. She came running from the bus stop, and suddenly a bike got in her way.

Fortunately, the man wasn’t riding the bike at a racing speed. Otherwise, the accident could have taken an unexpected turn.

With the live tracking solution, I can rest assured that my son would never have to face such an incident. I always reach the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus arrives and am ready to hug my little munchkin as soon as he gets out of the bus.

Additionally, I can track the bus’s location on its way to school and know exactly when it enters the school premises.

What is a school bus live tracking system, and how does it work?

A school bus live tracking system is a GPS-based technology that allows parents and school authorities to monitor the real-time location of school buses. It works by installing GPS devices on each bus, which transmit their location data to a central system. Parents and school staff can access this data through a mobile app or website, enabling them to track the bus’s progress in real-time.

What are the key benefits of using a school bus live tracking system?

School bus live tracking systems offer several benefits, including enhanced safety for children. They help parents and school authorities know the exact location of the bus, ensuring timely pickups and drop-offs. These systems also reduce the risk of children getting lost or wandering the streets, and they provide peace of mind to parents by improving the overall safety of school transportation.

How can I access the live tracking information of my child’s school bus?

Typically, parents can access the live tracking information through a dedicated mobile app or a website provided by the school or the transportation service provider. You will need login credentials provided by the school or the tracking system provider to access the real-time data. Once logged in, you can view the bus’s location on a map and receive notifications about its progress.

Is live tracking limited to knowing the bus’s location, or does it offer any additional features?

While the primary purpose of live tracking is to monitor the bus’s location, many systems offer additional features. These may include estimated arrival times, notifications when the bus approaches a designated stop or the school, and alerts for any unexpected delays or incidents. Some systems also provide historical route data and other safety features.

Are all schools adopting GPS live tracking systems for their buses?

The adoption of GPS live tracking systems varies among schools and school districts. While some have embraced this technology to enhance student safety, others may not have implemented it yet. Parents concerned about their child’s safety during transportation can inquire with their child’s school or the school district to see if such a system is in place or if there are plans to implement one in the future.

Empower Yourself As A Parent: Take Advantage Of Live Tracking Technology With Trakom!

Just like the above story of a concerned parent, thousands of other parents are now worry-free owing to the live tracking feature of Trakom’s school bus GPS technology. It has given them the peace of mind that their children are in safe hands and are being driven to school and home with utmost safety.

In today’s times, every parent should enquire with the school authorities whether they implement such security systems or not. And they should urge the schools to invest in a GPS solution for school buses if they haven’t already. To know more about Trakom’s school bus GPS tracking tool, contact us right away.

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