Job Scheduling & Task Assignment: The Rescue For An Overworked Manager

  • George was delighted to get promoted to the task manager of his company. He had been waiting for this moment for over a year now. When he received his promotion email, he thought, “Finally! Now I can act like a boss, and not overburden myself with the mundane tasks every day at the office”.
  • Alas! Little did George know that big promotions come with even bigger responsibilities. He was, in fact, frustrated having to manage the work schedule of 150-plus field employees. He had to manually create and review daily work schedules, allot the right field agents for appropriate tasks, ensure that client visits happened on time, and check absentees.
  • All these tasks consumed his energy, and he always retired home exhausted.
  • Thankfully, things turned positive when he addressed this problem with the higher authorities and offered a better way to manage these tasks with the least chance of error.
  • George came to know about a field force performance monitoring solution that has a job scheduling and task assignment feature. It can drastically reduce the time taken in task assignments with the help of bulk uploading assignments to agents and scheduling the tasks in advance.

Let’s Learn From George How Job Scheduling And Task Management Rescued Him

Lets Learn From George How Job Scheduling And Task Management Rescued Him 1
  • Apart from the workload, George noticed that the chances of error in the manual management of these tasks are pretty high. He tends to mix up client names, agent schedules, and sometimes even daily work completion status for each field employee.
  • He realized that if the company continues relying on manual management of all these tedious tasks, big blunders will happen in the future. Also, team productivity will stay low and there will be many cases of customer dissatisfaction. He explained the same to his boss, and they quickly adopted a field force management system, Imprint which simplifies task management and daily scheduling for field sales agents.
  • Imprint allows George to assign tasks to all available agents well in advance. The Imprint App updates field agents to check their daily tickets plans their visits with a beat planning feature, and updates managers about the visits made, tasks done, etc through the comprehensive dashboard.

Earlier, George had to open multiple tabs to check agent availability, routes, client history, and requests multiple times to make one work schedule. This is the case for most companies, as a report shows only 20% of the average working day is spent on meaningful tasks. The rest of the time is consumed by repetitive activities like George’s.

But after deploying the software, he freed up a lot of time from his schedule, which he can now use to contribute towards the company’s growth. Imprint’s useful features like attendance management, task management, ticket allocation, and beat planning provide better visibility regarding employee availability, employees taking frequent leaves, and whether work is getting done on time or not. Within just a week or so after using the software, there was a visible change in George’s productivity.

He got the free time he wished for, which he could utilize towards learning a new skill and applying it to devise better sales ideas and improve the ROI of his company.

Don’t Let a Manual Workload Come In Your Way Of Progress; Invest In Imprint To Maximize Productivity!

In today’s AI-dominated and tech-savvy world, relying on human intelligence alone won’t support you in the long race. Therefore, investing in field sales management software is a must to go shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors.

Job scheduling and task assignment are crucial parts of effortlessly running a team and ensuring that work gets done on time, and this tool is of great help in assuring that. If you can relate to George’s problem and need a quick fix to the issue, opt for an employee field force performance solution like Imprint.


What is job scheduling and task assignment software, and how can it benefit a manager like George?

Job scheduling and task assignment software is a digital solution designed to automate and streamline the process of assigning tasks and managing work schedules for field employees. This software can significantly benefit managers like George by reducing the time and effort required for task assignments, minimizing errors, and improving overall team productivity.

How does job scheduling software help in reducing errors in task assignments?

Job scheduling software reduces errors by providing a centralized platform where task details, client information, and agent schedules are stored and managed. It eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the chances of mixing up client names, schedules, and work completion status. Automation ensures that tasks are assigned accurately, reducing human error.

Can job scheduling software accommodate the specific needs of different industries and businesses?

Yes, job scheduling software can be customized to meet the specific requirements of various industries and businesses. It can adapt to different task types, workforce sizes, and scheduling preferences. Customization options allow businesses to tailor the software to their unique operational needs.

How does bulk assignment and scheduling of tasks work in job scheduling software?

Bulk assignment and scheduling in job scheduling software enable managers to assign multiple tasks to field agents simultaneously and schedule them in advance. Managers can upload a list of tasks and assign them to agents in just a few clicks, saving a significant amount of time compared to manual assignments.

What impact do job scheduling and task assignment software have on team productivity?

Job scheduling and task assignment software can have a positive impact on team productivity. By automating task allocation, reducing errors, and ensuring timely client visits, the software helps field employees work more efficiently. This, in turn, leads to improved productivity and better utilization of resources, ultimately benefiting the entire organization.

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