Maximizing Field Productivity With Real-Time Data & Analytics

Field workers like sales or customer service agents are the backbone of your company. But keeping everyone connected and working efficiently can be challenging, especially without the right tools and technologies to measure real-time metrics.

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In recent times, companies have realized the importance of deploying real-time mobile workforce analytics software to gain better insights and take action accordingly. And that’s where Imprint comes in.

Imprint is an end-to-end workforce management system that helps you keep track of the mobile workforce’s productivity, efficiency, operational costs, and more in a unified database. This AI-powered robust tool removes the blindfold and provides better visibility regarding the whereabouts of your field workforce with the right metrics and data.

Keep reading to explore how real-time analytics can help you maximize your field workforce’s productivity and aid in your company’s growth.

How Does A Real-Time Data And Analytics Tool Help Maximizing Productivity?

A real-time data analytics field service management software collects and analyzes data from varied sources such as mobile devices, GPS tracking systems, and other connecting devices to bring the authorities metrics about their on-the-go workforce.

There is a comprehensive dashboard where the management can monitor and manage every single thing, such as attendance, route planning, digital minutes of the meeting, expense and reimbursement management, client and lead management, and more.

Companies can convert these data into actionable insights and use them to enhance productivity, optimize workflow, and make business strategies. Moreover, organizations can set real-time alerts to notify field teams and the authorities immediately in case of critical issues.

Most industries, such as telecom companies, building & construction companies, banks, insurance companies, transport, and supply chain companies, face the issues of misleading information, customer complaints, and missing leads due to the inefficiency of the field force team and lack of access to proper data.

Therefore, employing a field force management tool is crucial to go neck and neck with competitors. And Imprint makes that happen.

Types Of Real-Time Reports & Analytics You Can Access Through An Employee Management Tool

Real Time Reports Analytics You Can Access Through An Employee Management Tool

Field employee tracking software offers numerous types of reports and analytics to help manage on-field employees seamlessly. Mentioned below are a few primary report types that every company with an on-the-go force would benefit from:

Performance Analytics

This kind of metric gives insights into the performance of individual workers or groups as a whole. Performance analysis includes productivity levels, average response times, task completion rate metrics, and more.

Time & Attendance Analytics

Most companies are deprived of the capacity to track their on-field force, which creates a big void in the performance outcome of the entire organization. But not anymore! The time and attendance analytics provide insights into employee attendance as well as working hours. With these metrics in place, employees know that they can’t leave work early and must accomplish everyday tasks. This includes:

Daily Activity Summary – For showing the complete summary of employees which includes total appointments(scheduled, completed, canceled/rescheduled), total km traveled, Reimbursement claimed, Client visits made and total forms submitted.

Trip summary report – Shows complete summary like total km traveled(sum of 5 trips made in a day/week/month) whereas the above trip history shows individual trip data.

Timeline – Where the manager can see an individual’s timeline which will display activities like the Internet, GPS, trip, Login/Logout, Appointment, and sync data with respect to time, so it can used by the manager in gathering correct info about the employee as if his location is not updating we can go and check that particular time was the employees mobile GPS was off or not, etc.

Asset/Inventory Report

To maintain the data of what all assets are assigned to a particular individual in the organization and what is the status of that asset is it in use/allocated to other employees(from the manager)/to customers (like GPS devices/RFIDs), free and available, what’s the condition of the device, etc.

Task Report

Shows that for a task assigned to an employee what is the status and how much % of the task is completed and when it was assigned to figure out how many days it’s been pending or took to get complete and since an expected date is also mentioned to figure out if it is delayed or done in time.

Appointment report

A separate report is provided for appointments which will calculate the target of appointments on the basis of completed appointments out of total scheduled appointments.

What is the significance of real-time data and analytics for field workforce management?

Real-time data and analytics are crucial for field workforce management as they provide immediate insights into the activities and performance of on-the-go employees. This data helps organizations make informed decisions, improve productivity, optimize workflows, and respond promptly to issues.

How does real-time tracking of field employees work, and what data sources are involved?

Real-time tracking typically involves the use of GPS tracking systems and mobile devices. These systems collect data on the location and movements of field employees. By analyzing this data, organizations can monitor attendance, optimize routes, and ensure compliance with schedules.

What types of industries can benefit from real-time field management tools like Imprint?

Various industries can benefit from these tools, including telecom, construction, banking, insurance, transportation, and supply chain companies. These tools help address issues like misleading information, customer complaints, and missed leads due to field force inefficiencies and data accessibility challenges.

How can real-time alerts help in managing field workforce operations?

Real-time alerts are essential for prompt responses to critical issues. These alerts notify both field teams and management when deviations or problems occur. This ensures that issues are addressed immediately, customer satisfaction is maintained, and operational efficiency is upheld.

What types of reports and analytics are available through real-time employee management tools?

Real-time employee management tools offer a variety of reports and analytics, including performance metrics, geolocation data, expense and budget reports, customer satisfaction reports, lead conversion and sales reports, and operational efficiency reports. These reports provide insights and data for improving field workforce operations and making informed decisions.

Sign Up For Imprint Today And Empower Your Field Force For Success!

By harnessing the power of real-time data and analytics provided by a field force management tool such as Imprint, companies can gain better visibility into their field operations, identify inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions to optimize workflow and maximize productivity.

In today’s tech-savvy age, leveraging such a tool is crucial to get ahead of the competitive curve and not miss out on any leads. Want to avail these benefits or are curious to learn more about how Imprint works? Schedule a call with us now!

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