Why Do Parents Love GPS School Bus Tracking Tools?

An estimated 0.3% of motor vehicle accidents involve school buses (source). While it’s a concerning factor for school authorities, parents feel more paranoid about sending their kids on school buses.

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Besides school bus casualties, parents also feel skeptical about what their students might be doing within the school premises. Is there enough security inside the school? Can students sneak out of school?

We understand that these are worrisome factors for guardians. However, a school bus GPS tracking system like Trakom can reduce parents’ concerns regarding the safety of students. The advanced tracking system of Trakom provides numerous advanced features for enhanced student safety and monitoring students’ movement to prevent any uncertainty or worry regarding their well-being.

There are numerous other reasons why parents are in favor of this student security management solution, and we have discussed them all in this post. Keep reading for more.

How Does A School Bus Tracking Solution Work For Parents?

A school bus tracking solution comprises several components, such as a GPS tracking device, cellular network, central server, and notification system. These features provide every piece of information about your child’s whereabouts by constantly transmitting data to the central server.

The best part about a school bus GPS system like Trakom is that it comes with a parent app. Parents can check updates about the reason for the late arrival of the bus, receive pick-up and drop-off alerts, and edit pick-up and drop-off locations anytime they want.

The alert system saves them from wild guesses as to why their kids have not arrived yet since the app shows the real-time location of the moving buses. And if ever a school bus crashes, the GPS system can instantly pinpoint the location of the crash, produce a list of students on the bus, and even send emergency alerts to parents.

So no matter what the situation, guardians can always stay updated from when their kids leave home until they ring their doorbell.

Reasons Why Parents Love School Bus With GPS Tracking Systems

School bus tracking system is more like fleet telematics and not simple car GPS. The system can give students all sorts of information, such as unscheduled stops, stagnant traffic, etc. The system saves parents from thinking about why their children are late for home.

Why Parents Love School Bus With GPS Tracking Systems

There are numerous additional benefits due to which parents love a school bus GPS tracking system, and here are a few of them:

Real-time Updates

The GPS in the school bus tracking system keeps transferring real-time location information to cloud-based software. And it can be overlaid in popular mapping solutions such as Google Maps.

And parents can check the live movements of the school bus through the parents’ app. Parents know the distance covered from home to school or vice versa and say goodbye to needless worries about whether kids have reached school or not.

No More Clueless Waiting

You’re waiting at the bus stop, and the school bus hasn’t arrived even after the scheduled time. Does this problem sound familiar to you? It’s a common issue most parents face.

Unpredictable traffic, longer halts at other students’ bus stops, etc., may delay the arrival time. While these are usual occurrences, they create a sense of fear in mothers.

But with the GPS school bus tracking tool, you know the exact bus arrival time and leave to drop off and pick up your kid accordingly. Besides, Trakom provides alerts regarding timely pick-up and drop to avoid rushing to the bus stop.

Bid Adieu To Safety Concerns

We live in a very uncertain time where reliability is a big issue. Parents experience the same when they send their children with a strange driver. But the school bus transport management solution solves this problem as well.

First of all, parents can live track routes; they can also see if the bus is deviating from designated directions. They also receive instant notifications if their kids don’t enter school on time or leave the school premises on time with the help of RFID scanners at school gates. With such robust safety features in place, parents can break ties with safety concerns.

Easily Change Pick-Up Or Drop Off Locations

Another big benefit of school bus GPS solutions for parents is allowing easy change in pick-up or drop-off locations. At times parents get busy at the office or have to rush somewhere and may not be at home to receive their children.

In such situations, the option to add or change drop-off or pick-up locations comes to the rescue. Guardians can add the latest location, and the school bus will drop off your kid accordingly. Isn’t this feature a great savior?

How does a school bus GPS tracking system ensure my child’s safety during the school commute?

A school bus GPS tracking system provides real-time information about your child’s school bus. It allows you to monitor their whereabouts, receive notifications for pick-up and drop-off, and stay informed about delays or route deviations. In case of emergencies, the system can instantly pinpoint the bus’s location and send alerts to parents, enhancing overall student safety.

Are these tracking systems only about tracking the school bus location?

No, school bus GPS tracking systems offer more than just location tracking. They provide valuable insights, such as unscheduled stops, and traffic conditions, and even allow parents to edit pick-up and drop-off locations. This information helps parents understand why their children might be running late and ensures a comprehensive approach to student safety.

Can I receive real-time updates about my child’s school bus, and can I track it from my smartphone? Yes, most school bus GPS tracking systems come with a parent’s app, allowing you to receive real-time updates, check the bus’s location, and receive alerts on your smartphone. This feature enables you to stay connected with your child’s school commute and be informed about any unexpected delays or issues.

How does the system work in the event of a school bus accident?

In the unfortunate event of a school bus accident, the GPS tracking system can instantly pinpoint the crash location, provide a list of students on board, and send emergency alerts to parents. This rapid response capability ensures that parents are immediately informed in critical situations, providing them with peace of mind.

Are school bus GPS tracking systems similar to standard vehicle GPS devices?

No, school bus GPS tracking systems are more comprehensive and tailored to the unique needs of school transportation. They go beyond standard GPS devices by offering features specifically designed to enhance student safety, including route monitoring, alerts, and communication with parents, making them an ideal solution for school authorities and parents concerned about their children’s well-being during their school commute.

Trakom Is The Solution For Assured Safety, Accountability, and Peace of Mind For Parents!

A school bus monitoring tool is the ultimate solution to the everyday stress, and anxiety parents face right after their kids board the school bus. With an advanced solution like Trakom, parents can keep an eye on their children even when they aren’t literally in front of their eyes. Trakom acts as a 360-degree student safety net that not only includes a robust GPS school bus tracking tool and RFID-based student security in school premises, but also digitalized attendance management and a feature-rich school ERP that updates parents about homework, school holidays, and much more. Want to get more insights into how Trakom works and what superb features it offers? Book a demo with us today!

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