Need for technology upgrade in schools

As parents, we will definitely opt for a school which provides good education, at the same time we want these places to be safe and secure for our kids and technology comes handy for this requirement. The time has come for schools to future proof their infrastructure, technological adoption and teaching methodologies. In this era where I can order my groceries on phone, can book an appointment with doctor or beautician through an app, there are multiple apps to order a meal, why schools are still stuck with paper almanac? Where our future is shaping up.

Everything at your fingertips!

It is high time to upgrade technology in schools! Gone are the days of papers. Today, smart apps have made everything so easy and enables you access anything, anytime, and anywhere. So, why can’t we use this mobile technology for schools too? With a smart app, everything is just a click away and facilitates, monitoring students, tracking their activities/studies, parent-teacher communication and managing the school operations.

How to upgrade technology?

  • A school management system may be the first step towards upgrading technology. Having an automated school management system can reduce paperwork and make the school operations error-free and transparent. GPS and RFID are the perfect tracking tools in a school management system.
  • Communication between the parents and mentors is the need of hour. Having a smart communication system enables mentors to send messages, notices, share homework, tests and other important activities which parents need to know.
  • Mobile learning or smart learning is the best way to make learning much simpler. Gone are the days of black board, assignments, class works and so on. The time has come to overcome these traditional educational methodologies with smart learning.
  • IoT (Internet of things) one of the trending topic in technology can be a part of school education too. A smart environment with adaptive learning methods, smart tools and smart monitoring is possible with IoT.

We have discussed about few technologies which are utmost important today. Apart from that, there are other technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), virtual reality, machine learning, cloud computing etc. that also can be adopted in the school systems for a better experience.

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