Streamlining Employee Commutes with Advanced Transport Automation Solutions

Your employees are your company’s biggest assets, and providing a well-ordered work environment is your responsibility. While most companies take care of internal operations, they tend to ignore commuting complications.

In the hotchpotch of everyday traffic, commuting to and fro from the office is a big hassle. The uncertainty of reaching the office on time, the issue of women’s safety, and the inconvenience of public transport are common problems every employee faces. But you can put a permanent end to these complexities by opting for an advanced employee transport automation solution.

An ETS solution like Asti Fleet Management (AFM) is a modern solution for hassle-free work commuting so that your employees only focus on their tasks instead of worrying about their daily commute.

Read on to understand how employee transport automation solutions are changing today’s corporate scenario.

What Are Advanced Transport Automation Solutions & Why Is Its Implementation Necessary?

Advanced transport automation, as the name says, is an end-to-end employee commuting system. The solution uses cutting-edge technology to make the transport system more efficient, reliable, and sustainable.

An automation solution like AFM includes shuttle routing, ad hoc/spot rental, shift rostering, etc., making commuting to the office and going for field visits easier than ever.

But why should companies opt for automated solutions?

An automated commuting solution increases the efficiency and productivity of employees by reducing the chances of delays and travel exhaustion. Besides, streamlining workforce commuting is more cost-effective as it minimizes fuel consumption and emissions. From the point of view of fleet managers, it simplifies tedious tasks like vendor management, maintaining trip sheets & bills, and manual management of transport for all employees while ensuring safety and fleet optimization.

Lastly and most importantly, an automated employee transportation solution is the best way to enhance employee satisfaction and retention by providing a comfortable commuting experience.

Features Of Automated Employee Transport Solutions

The advanced features of automated employee transport solutions include-

Features Of Automated Employee Transport Solutions

Real-time Tracking

With the live tracking system, you can access a live display of the whereabouts of your employees. It makes your employees accountable for reaching the office on time and provides enhanced safety. Moreover, AFM has SOS alert and panic alarm button features so that employees can immediately raise an alarm and receive timely assistance in case of any mishaps.

Separate Employee App

The employee app has features like requesting a ride, daily or preset period rostering, ad hoc requests, and a trip sheet with driver photos to make commuting a cakewalk. You can now bid farewell to the hassle of not finding cabs/ metros on time, long waiting periods, reaching the wrong location, etc.

Better Route Planning

Companies or organizations can now better plan their routes using the GPS map. Companies can plan which route will be shortest, free of traffic, time required between pick up & drop, etc. The administration can view the entire fleet in the admin portal to ensure everything is under control.

Customizable Reporting & Analytics

Apart from tracking, an advanced employee commuting solution can generate detailed reports and analytics on various aspects of the transportation process, such as optimized use of the fleet, fuel consumption, vehicle usage, driver behavior, etc. These insights help employers identify problems and improve them accordingly.

Benefits Of Simplifying Employee Transportation With Advanced Automation Solutions

Improved Safety & Reliability

As stated previously, an automated employee transport solution like AFM incorporates advanced features like- live tracking, alarm & panic button alerts, women employee escorts for odd hours, driver face recognition, speed/ route deviation alerts, and many more.

With these safety measures, employees can rest assured of reaching their homes/offices stress-free. These are especially beneficial for women employees who often feel uncomfortable commuting by public cabs. This also ensures better employee satisfaction and retention.

Enhanced Productivity

By optimizing routes and reducing delays, an automated transportation solution makes the transportation system efficient and fatigue-free. This results in enhanced productivity.

Reduce Costs & Emissions

The adoption of this technology drastically reduces fleet management costs. The drivers take the shortest routes based on smart rostering and route optimization; no more unnecessary driving around. With complete tracking of every fleet vehicle, field employees cannot make unauthorized use of office cabs for personal commuting, etc., saving up additional costs. With driving behavior analysis and fuel analytics, more cost savings can be ensured.

What is an advanced employee transport automation solution, and how does it work?

An advanced employee transport automation solution is a comprehensive system that leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline and improve employee commuting. It encompasses features such as shuttle routing, ad hoc/spot rental, and shift rostering to make the daily commute more efficient and hassle-free. It automates tasks like route planning, and vehicle management, and ensures better safety and sustainability for employees.

Why should a company consider implementing an employee transport automation solution like AFM?

Implementing an employee transport automation solution like AFM is necessary to enhance employee productivity and satisfaction. It reduces delays and travel exhaustion, making daily commuting more predictable. Moreover, it’s cost-effective as it minimizes fuel consumption and emissions, and simplifies fleet management tasks for better efficiency and safety.

How does an automated employee transportation solution benefit employees?

Automated transportation solutions greatly benefit employees by providing a more comfortable and reliable commuting experience. Employees can count on punctual transportation, reduced stress, and improved safety. This, in turn, leads to enhanced job satisfaction and helps in retaining valuable talent.

Is employee data and privacy a concern with these automation solutions?

Employee data and privacy are important considerations when implementing employee transport automation solutions. Reputable providers like AFM take data security seriously and ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations. They use encryption and secure databases to safeguard employee information, making privacy a priority.

Can employee transport automation solutions be customized to meet the unique needs of our company?

Yes, most advanced employee transport automation solutions are highly customizable. They can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of your company, including route planning, vehicle preferences, and employee shift schedules. This flexibility allows you to design a computing system that aligns with your organization’s goals and employee preferences.

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