The Benefits of Automated Online School Attendance Management System

Ensuring student safety and having an organised educational environment is significant for schools. Attendance management plays a major role in monitoring student/staffs in an educational institution or organisation. Online school attendance management system is the need of the hour for every educational institution for efficient monitoring. Managing students and staff’s attendance becomes burdensome if done manually. In this automated age, school attendance must be automated and upgraded which makes the tedious works easy for the school authorities. Having a software with the best available technologies helps to fulfil organizational needs.

Today, there are different technologies used for online attendance management in schools, here are a few; RFID based attendance system, Biometric fingerprint attendance system, Facial recognition attendance system and a lot more. But why automate the system? What are the benefits of automated online school attendance management system? Let us discuss;

  • Attendance marking with a pen and paper consumes time and also creates error. The automated online school attendance system is a hassle-free solution which improves time efficiency and productivity. It also reduces human efforts which helps teachers to get more time for teaching.
  • The centralised attendance system keeps track of student/staff attendance across multiple campuses with less human efforts.
  • Maintaining of the attendance record of each student may be difficult for the school authorities. The online system enables storage of attendance and reports which can be easily tracked later.
  • Saving time, cost and resource are some of the main benefits we get through online attendance system.
  • The system helps the teachers to track the attendance of each students and easily find the defaulters which ensures student’s safety.
  • School authorities can easily generate systematic reports on a weekly or monthly basis and take timely decisions.
  • Automating your existing attendance system enables you to eliminate double entries, duplicate entries and other errors which improves accuracy.
  • The system is also useful for the worried parents. It automatically sends messages/emails to the parents and keep them informed about their child’s activity.
  • Automated attendance system also enables the school authorities for efficient leave management.
  • The system is flexible for any type of institution and functions smoothly. It is also a cost-efficient system that eventually increases the school productivity.
  • Online attendance management also enables you easy remote access with the help of an internet connection.

Technology updates like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning is reshaping the world which helps you to have information at your fingertips. Asti Infotech offers you Automated online school attendance management and student monitoring solution aided by the latest technologies. Our solution includes features like attendance tracking, leave calculation, access control, student monitoring, alerts and notifications. School attendance management software eliminates outdated technologies from schools that consumes time and resource. If you are looking for technology upgrade for your school attendance system, contact us.

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