Top 5 digital transformation trends 2020

Now that we are wrapped up with ground-breaking technologies, it’s time to start answering the question: what are the digital transformation trends for the upcoming year? There are plenty of digital trends to be taken into account, but a few main transformations are crystal clear. These digital trends are not only for large corporates or start-ups. It is the way of life for businesses to survive in the next decade.

Embracing innovation is a must to sustain in a competitive edge which allows industries to compete, differentiate and outperform their talents. So, the upcoming year will be about transforming your business with critical digital technologies.

“It’s no longer the big beating the small, it is the fast beating the slow”.

The most significant digital transformations that will happen in 2020:

5G Mobile Technologies

The 5th generation mobile network will take a larger role than previous trends. The new mobile technology will not only connect people but also interconnects and takes control of machines, objects and devices. By 2020, the world is going to face the new levels of performance and efficiency that will boost the user experience through connected industries. The technology promises to deliver multi-Gbps peak tariffs, ultra-low latency, improved flexibility, large capacity, and a smooth user experience.

Superfast technology is all set to tackle the network challenges faced by various industries. Explore some of the benefits of 5G:

  • 5G technologies can enhance the work efficiency, saving costs and increase in the revenue.
  • When combined with technologies like IoT, AR, VR etc., 5G can make remote meetings feel as you are in the same room.
  • Promotes rural innovation allowing many rural communities to connect and start their home business.
  • Enables easier commute to the passengers with the help of a fast and stable mobile network.

These are few among the inevitable benefits of 5G. It also offers profits for various industries like healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transport industries, etc.

Internet of things (IoT)

Today, the internet is not just connected with computers or smartphones. It has become an integral part of several devices which enhances the communication with ease and simplicity. The smart technology that allows to collect and share the data in fraction of seconds. IoT has become a mainstream topic in the world of technology and holds the future of technology as well. It helps people to live and work smarter which aids complete control over their lives.

Here are the major IoT transformation going to happen in 2020:

  • IoT will connect 21 billion devices by 2020
  • Smart city will become the wider application of IoT
  • One-stop solution to the security concerns
  • Boost many super technologies like AI

IoT is bridging the gap between the physical world and the digital world so it is sure to pave the way for next big digital transformation.

AI and Machine Learning Techniques

The new technology trend, Artificial Intelligence with the subset Machine learning and Deep learning will be the next big thing shortly soon. AI reaps a supportive, interactive and humanly performance which do not compromise on preciseness. Robotics has given a great boom to the rise of AI across the world which breaks down all the complex tasks enhancing the security factor.

AI is the next big revolution in the software industry which offers smart thermostat solutions across industries. Here are some of the AI applications that are going to make our lives easier than ever before:

  • Automated transportation or AI-driven vehicles
  • Robots will completely take over the manual works
  • Increased smart cities like the rise in smart-phone
  • Face recognition will become your identity

There are many other use cases of AI in the modern world. Businesses are sure to adopt this trending technology which increases the efficiency, productivity and security. The speed and accuracy of superintelligence is considerably going to improve by 2020.

Blockchain Beyond Crypto

Cryptocurrencies, bitcoins and Blockchain are the buzzwords today. Blockchain is the newest digital trend that keeps the records of money transactions and related data in a secure, transparent and immutable way. The cryptographic money form has become a perfect option for many businesses across the industry verticals. The ultimate technology is set to revolutionise the financial industry and also the traditional business process.

Check out some of the blockchain trends expected to happen in 2020:

  • Economy and finance will be high-end users of blockchain
  • Blockchain technology is sure to integrate with the government agencies
  • The technology experts will be on high demand
  • When combined with IoT can build a secure and scalable framework

2020 will prove the demand for this leading technology. The smart technology undoubtedly energizes new aptitudes and provide unlimited business profits.

Big Data Analytics

Every organisation has different requirements and different data assets. Examining large and varied data is now simple with the latest trend in technology- Big data, which helps to uncover information such as hidden patterns, the current trend in market and correlations. The demand for Big Data Analytics is tremendously growing that helps organisations to make informed and accurate business decisions with ease. It provides operational improvement and new opportunities for companies to provide better earnings across the industries.

Business benefit offered by big data analytics:

  • Increased profit
  • Effective marketing
  • Improved customer service
  • Better Operational efficiency
  • Competitive advantages in business

Big data has been tremendously used in supply chain analytics to enhance decision making. The technology is embraced by many other industries such as healthcare, retailers, banking, insurance, manufacturers etc. The outcomes of big data analytics are sure to be amazing in 2020.

New technologies are continuously emerging around us, we will help your business succeed with the futuristic technologies, Contact us for further information.

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