Undeniable Advantages of Automated Billing for Office Fleet

Do you still have trip sheets and invoices piling up in your employee transportation department? Are your suppliers unhappy with the long payment terms, and does management lack knowledge of the billing and auditing procedures? In order to solve all these challenges and to make the employee transport billing process paperless, traceable, and transparent, you need an end-to-end billing automation system.

One of the main problems with employee transportation has been billing automation in particular. Due to a number of difficulties, the majority of digitalization initiatives in this approach have been unsuccessful. Despite all the improvements made in the processes and billing procedures in an organization, the challenges faced in the same are huge. It is because of the following reasons:

● The majority of the information for each employee’s travel is recorded on paper and shared among several parties, including the transport team, vendors, drivers, and workers. The individuals in charge of the work must maintain mountains of paper records that are prone to human mistakes.

● It is a monumental undertaking to gather, compile, and digitize all workers’ manual trip data, without which auditing is all but impossible. This can make the system vulnerable to fraud. It might be difficult to document and later detect errors when employees or drivers change their plans at the last minute.

● The transport administrators add more regulations to the process, which further increases its complexity and expense, in an effort to prevent errors and make it more reliable.

● Data reconciliation and billing closures need a lot of effort and resources. Organizations may take up to three months to pay their vendors.

● In the event of a dispute, the transport team’s or the vendor’s claim is recognized as final because neither the transport admin nor the vendors have access to the procedure. The stakeholders become unhappy and at odds as a result.

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How does an Automated Billing System help?

An automated billing system is made to create and send invoices, track payments, and handle such transactions. Employee transport services involve multiple transport vendors, numerous daily trips and a large number of vehicles. Thus automated billing turns out to be extremely beneficial for office fleets, where all these calculations are handled manually.

It assists transport teams in identifying inefficiencies in their present billing model so they may seamlessly switch to a more streamlined and comprehensible billing procedure, which saves time and money. The automated solution helps in highlighting and fixing discrepancies in the data, helps in verifying vendors, then quickly and digitally prepares accurate bills, helps in trimming down billing cycles, reduces costs since billing and invoicing are simpler, and increase openness and compliance in the process for all parties involved making the processed audit ready. The benefits of an automated billing system for employee transportation are:

● Data Accuracy

Since the software is only as good as the data given into it, the digitization of the process ensures the accuracy of transactional data from many stakeholders, which is crucial. The reconciliation between shuttle driver records and company records can be done at regular intervals based on the digital data held by the driver in the driver app and the digital data held by transport team of the company.

● Speedy Processes

Although it can automate such extremely complicated billing systems, an automated billing solution encourages a straightforward and effective billing procedure. In order to enable defining complicated billing models and rules, it makes use of a highly configurable rule engine. It enables complete process automation and aids in achieving the desirable, quick, one-click billing.

● Improved Efficiency

Organizations may reallocate their resources to their core responsibilities since the system handles all the labor-intensive aspects of the billing process. As a result, our customers’ operational efficiency increases since they can focus on more important tasks while we handle all of their employee transport billing. Instead of a large team handling employee transportation billing, just one or two employees can manage the entire billing for multiple vendors.


The everyday public commute can be stressful and anxiety-provoking for regular workers. They could be concerned about the cost, the flow of traffic, and the prospect of being late for work. You might not be aware of it, but this may have an impact on their performance and productivity at work.

Fortunately, the capabilities of an automated employee transport management system, like the Asti Fleet Management solution, can assist you in managing your employees and keeping track of their whereabouts while they go to the workplace. Not just that, AFM also ensures completely automated and hassle-free billing.

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