Undeniable Role of An Efficient Employee Transportation Solution in Achieving Work-Life Balance for Corporate Employees

According to a report by Business News Daily, 25% of employees reach the office late due to traffic, and 15% of employees get delayed because they overslept.

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Additionally, the commuting time for most employees to and fro work is more than a couple of hours which induces fatigue and restrains them from spending time with their families.

In such a scenario, it becomes essential for companies to provide their team with a safe employee commuting system to ensure travel fatigue does not impact their productivity.

Besides, most people are still apprehensive about using public transport after the COVID-19 pandemic, which further necessitates introducing efficient employee transportation solutions.

However, managing a large employee transportation system isn’t easy because it requires proper planning of pick & drop, arranging vehicles as per employee shifts, identifying the best possible routes, and ensuring the team, especially female employees, feels safe while traveling.

You can imagine the ruckus it would create if you had to manage the whole system manually. It would lead to confusion, inappropriate scheduling, and difficulty for managers to keep an eye on whether the transportation is going smoothly or not.

This is where the Employee Transport Automation Solution comes into play. An employee transport automation solution, like AFM, is a SaaS platform that streamlines and optimizes the process of managing employee transportation.

With the help of data-driven algorithms, AFM offers end-to-end automation for employee commutes and ensures a smooth and efficient transportation experience for corporate employees.

Let’s read further to understand the undeniable role Asti’s Automated Fleet Management system plays in keeping employees happy and helping them strike the perfect work-life balance.

Role of AFM in Achieving Work-Life Balance for Corporate Employees

Mentioned below are a few ways the AFM helps keep employees satisfied and achieve a perfect work-life balance-

Role of AFM in Achieving Work Life Balance for Corporate Employees

Reduced Commute Times

An efficient employee transportation solution(ETS) reduces the time employees spend commuting to and from work. The tool identifies traffic patterns and the fastest routes to avoid unnecessary delays and does not tire the employees.

This means less time stuck in traffic or waiting for public transportation, allowing employees to arrive at work and return home faster. With shorter commute times, employees can spend more time on personal activities and achieve a better work-life balance.

Seamless Communication

AFM comes with an employee app where they can request cabs with just a single click and also see the exact location and time of their shuttle or vehicles.

They also can see the driver’s information before getting into the vehicle to avoid any sort of hassle. The entire process makes office communication seamless, keeping employees happy and satisfied.

Reduced Stress & Fatigue

A reliable ETS helps decrease the stress and fatigue caused by long and unpredictable commutes.

Your employees will feel more relaxed and energized when they arrive at work, leading to increased productivity. Additionally, reduced stress and fatigue make it easier for employees to enjoy their personal time after work, enhancing their overall well-being.

Enhanced Safety & Security

A well-organized employee transportation solution ensures the safety and security of corporate employees during their commutes. AFM has an admin portal where the managers can see the real-time movement of the entire fleet system and create geofences and alert systems.

Additionally, employees get a trip sheet with the driver’s photo, so they don’t have to worry about traveling alone with strangers. It also has a shared ride option where employees can share details of their ride with family and friends, adding an extra layer of safety to their commute. AFM also incorporates a suite of features for the safety of female employees when traveling during dark hours, including escorts and safe reach calls.

Feeling safe during their journeys contributes to employees’ peace of mind and enables them to focus on their professional & personal lives without worrying about transportation risks.

Reduced Traveling Costs

Workers spend around 5% of their income on commuting. The cost can be higher in expensive cities. But with the company taking care of the commuting expenses, employees no longer have to worry about increasing the cost of daily work/home connectivity.

To Keep Your Employees Off the Pressure of Daily Commute and Promote Better Work-Life Balance, Sign Up for AFM Today!

By reducing commute times, easing stress, enhancing safety, and offering flexible scheduling, AFM allows employees to spend more quality time with their families, pursue hobbies, and enjoy personal activities.

The convenience of hassle-free commutes further contributes to a balanced life. Additionally, a safe and environment-friendly employee transportation system fosters a positive work environment and boosts job satisfaction.


Therefore, to promote a happier and healthier workforce, embrace employee-friendly transport solutions and prioritize the well-being of our valuable team members. If you want to know more about how AFM can help enhance employee productivity & well-being, get on a demo or call with us today!

Why is employee transportation important for achieving work-life balance?

Employee transportation is vital for work-life balance because it reduces commuting stress and fatigue, allowing employees to spend more quality time with their families. It helps in ensuring that work doesn’t encroach on personal time.

Employee transportation systems reduce travel-related stress, save time, and provide a safe and convenient commute, contributing to a better work-life balance.

How does a long commute affect employees’ work-life balance?

Long commutes result in less time at home, leading to reduced family time, increased stress, and a negative impact on overall well-being.

Lengthy commutes eat into personal time, increasing stress and making it harder for employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

What are the challenges in managing employee transportation systems manually?

Manual management can lead to confusion, scheduling conflicts, and difficulty in tracking transportation efficiency, which can negatively impact employee experiences.

Manual management is prone to errors and inefficiencies, making it challenging to ensure a smooth and reliable transportation system.

Why is post-pandemic employee transportation crucial for companies?

The COVID-19 pandemic has made employees apprehensive about using public transport, emphasizing the need for companies to provide safe and efficient transportation solutions.

Post-pandemic, employees seek safe transportation alternatives, making it essential for companies to offer reliable options for their commuting needs.

How does Asti’s Automated Fleet Management system benefit corporate employees?

Asti’s Automated Fleet Management system uses data-driven algorithms to streamline and optimize employee commutes. But what specific benefits does it offer to employees?

The Asti’s system ensures efficient, reliable, and safe transportation, reducing commute stress, enhancing punctuality, and contributing to a better work-life balance for corporate employees.

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