Why are CCTV Cameras and GPS Tracking in School Buses a Need, Not a Luxury?

Schools today are getting better and more student-friendly. They are equipped with all the modern amenities so that students can develop themselves in all dimensions, whether it be through studies or extracurricular activities. The school management also puts efforts to assure parents that their children are in safe hands because parents tend to worry about the safety of their kids the most, especially when it comes to daily commutes to school. For this school, management trusts modern technologies that can provide transparency in the system – namely GPS technology and modern CCTV cameras.

These technologies today are the need for modern school transportation systems as a safety measure. Here are a few reasons why:


The installation of CCTV cameras and GPS tracking systems in school buses provides an extra layer of safety and security for students during transit. It helps to monitor the behavior of drivers, ensuring they follow traffic laws strictly and drive safely. Live streaming ensures that children are safe at all times, and keeps all stakeholders informed about the goings-on inside the school bus. GPS tracking can also help ensure that the bus stays on its designated route and alert authorities in case of an emergency.

Parental peace of mind

With CCTV cameras and GPS tracking in school buses, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child’s bus ride is safe and secure. They can also track the bus’s location in real-time, so they know exactly when to expect their child to arrive at their stop. In addition to that, when CCTV cameras are installed for live-streaming they have a complete view of activities happening inside the bus, this keeps them free from the constant stress of bullying and minor fights among students or misconduct of caretakers.

Improved communication

GPS tracking of school buses can help school officials and bus drivers communicate more effectively in case of an emergency. For example, if a bus breaks down or the bus meets a minor accident, the driver can quickly notify the school and parents of the situation, and officials can dispatch a new bus to the location. Thus, speeding up the response time of emergency services ensures lesser discomfort to children and less stress for school management & parents.

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Route optimization

The use of GPS tracking systems for school transport helps in optimizing bus routes. With shorter routes and less traffic, we can save on travel time and fuel consumption. This way it results in a reduction in overall transportation costs. And even when the driver deviates from their designated path, a prompt alert is sent to both school officials and parents.


Although installing CCTV cameras and GPS tracking systems may require an initial investment, they can help save money in the long run by reducing the need for additional staff (such as bus monitors). The selection of shorter and smoother routes via GPS leads to preventing incidents that can lead to legal action or costly repairs. Smoother routes and safer driving practices reduce the frequent service maintenance requirements which helps in annual cost reduction.

Evidence collection

CCTV cameras provide a visual record of what occurs on the bus, which can be used as evidence in the case of accidents, incidents, or other legal proceedings. Other than that, if the driver flees away after an accident, certain legal action can be taken against him using the recording as proof.

Driver accountability

GPS tracking systems can monitor the speed and route of the bus, helping ensure drivers take the safest and most efficient routes and avoid speeding, harsh braking, and other unsafe driving practices. This accountability can also help prevent theft and unauthorized use of school buses.


Looking at all the above-mentioned points, we can agree that the need for these technologies is not only justified but essential for the safety of school children during a commute. The question that arises next is which software to choose from widely available solutions? We should always invest in a solution which fulfills all our basic safety requirements and is budget friendly too.

TRAKOM by Asti Infotech is one such school bus tracking and comprehensive school security solution, which not only caters to basic needs but also provides additional features like automated attendance management, notes sharing, parent-friendly App, timely notifications in case of bus delay, important notices for parents, upcoming holidays calendar and much more. The system can be scaled according to the number of buses, students, and other factors. Additionally, since it is budget-friendly, this makes TRAKOM ideal for both school management and parents.

Safety is the best gift that can ever be given to children. Choosing GPS and CCTV is not a luxury at all, it is the need and right of students for a safe commute. Choose safety, choose TRAKOM today! Call us or schedule a demo right away.


1. Why does a school need a bus tracking system?

To be aware of the whereabouts of the kids after leaving the school premises and before reaching home. Parents want to be assured about the complete safety of their kids. The real-time tracking of the bus allows parents and school administration to keep a bird’s eye view of every movement of the bus.

2. Is School Bus GPS Tracking Software, TRAKOM integrated with the map?

Yes, TRAKOM is integrated with Google Maps. It is equipped with a geofencing feature, in case the bus deviates from its designated route, it immediately sends alerts to the parents as well as the school admin. Parents can track the new route chosen as well.

3. What are the key benefits of the GPS-enabled safety solution TRAKOM?

● Real-time monitoring of the school bus.

● Arrival and departure notification of the vehicle

● RFID-based automated attendance system.

● Monitoring of kids’ activities through CCTV cameras.

● Accurate directions to the bus driver.

● Optimized route planning.

● Lesser fuel consumption.

Other benefits include sharing important circulars, class notes, exam related circulars.

4. How Can I Choose the Right Transport Management Software?

Selecting a good transport management software can be a quite confusing process. But an ideal transport management solution must fulfill most of the above-mentioned features. The right features will make the software better in its job, and you can get a higher quality service from the tool.

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