Enhancing Employee Satisfaction Through Safe & Convenient Transport: Future Of Commuting Is Here

Are you tired of your employees arriving late and wasting precious hours in traffic on their daily commute to work? Or frustrated with the stress and unpredictability of public transport? Worried about your female employees leaving late from meetings or the office?

Say goodbye to all work commuting headaches with this revolutionary employee transport automation solution, Asti Fleet Management (AFM). With AFM, there would be no more late arrivals, no more missed meetings, no more safety issues, and no more commuting hassles.

Discover how this cutting-edge technology can simplify your daily commute system in this blog, and don’t let commuting issues and the costs involved hold back your organization any longer.

Discover How AFM Makes Employee Commute Management A Cakewalk

AFM by ASTI Infotech is a SaaS platform offering end-to-end automation of employee commutes. It ensures higher satisfaction for both the employees and the employers.

We all are aware of the everyday strenuous traffic hassle and how it soaks up half the morning energy of employees. Besides, after the Covid-19 pandemic, using public transport is no longer the same as before.

Employee commute automation is the solution to the problem. AFM brings you a smart, effective, and innovative way to make sure your employees reach the office on time and face no issues while commuting. It also allows employers to keep track of their commute, ensure their safety, and seamlessly manage transport vendors.

AFM has a range of features like- live tracking, share ride option, women employee escorts for odd hours, alarm & panic button alerts, adding employee contacts for SOS alerts, late hours safe reach validation call, driver face recognition and feedback, speed/ route deviation alerts, number masking for driver-employee communication, and more.

Simply put, the AFM employee cab monitoring solution simplifies commuting and is a sustainable and efficient transport option.

AFM has a separate employee and driver app along with an admin portal where crucial information regarding trips, routes, employee attendance, toll & parking slips, and real-time tracking of the entire fleet is available.

Fleet utilization is another added benefit of AFM, which helps companies measure and optimize fleet utilization to improve efficiency and reduce transportation costs. Overall, AFM is a one-stop solution to all corporate commuting stress.

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Here are some of the factors how AFM helps enhance employee satisfaction in commuting-

Puts A Full Stop To Complex Transportation :

AFM is an easy-to-use software with dedicated apps for employees and drivers and an admin portal where every single piece of information regarding commuting, route, etc., is recorded. Employees no longer have to worry about arriving late, attendance not getting recorded, or fear sitting in a cab with a stranger. Besides, the admin portal keeps live records of routes, speed, and other crucial commuting updates to provide enhanced employee satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency :

As stated earlier, an employee transport automation solution such as AFM aids in increased efficiency by optimizing transport networks and reducing delays. It ultimately helps with on-time employee arrival, enhances productivity and satisfaction, reduces transportation costs, and improves the organization’s overall efficiency.

Improved Safety :

Safety is the biggest concern among female employees, and employee automation is a positive solution to that. AFM features like late hours safe reach validation calls; driver face recognition, speed/ route deviation alerts, etc., minimize chances of safety issues and chances of other accidents. Especially the women employees will no longer feel paranoid sitting in a cab with a stranger. It also reduces the risk of liability and other legal issues for the company. AFM is armed with a complete suite of features aimed at ensuring a safe commute for women employees.

Better Planning & Sustainability :

AFM helps companies to plan route and transportation schedules ahead clearly and effectively. It not only ensures the on-time arrival of the employees but is a sustainable and environment-friendly mode of transportation as well. Adopting such a commuting mode shows a company’s dedication to providing employee safety as well as ensuring a greener, more sustainable commute.

Cost Effective Option :

By optimizing and planning transport networks, monitoring that vehicles run on the designated routes, and reducing labor involvement, companies can drastically reduce transportation expenses and carbon footprint. Companies can re-invest the amount in other crucial areas or provide other resources and incentives to employees and also improve the overall financial health of the company.

Get AFM & To Put An End TO Chaotic Employee Transport!

Don’t let commuting be the bane of a corporate employee’s existence any longer! Opt for AFM, and break ties with stress, frustration, unsafe commute, time wastage, and say hello to a happier and more productive work-life balance. Try AFM today and take the first step towards sustainable, employee-oriented, and cost-saving corporate commuting. Want to know more about AFM? Sign up for a free demo now!

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