Why Driver Behaviour Analytics Should Be An Important Part of Advanced Vehicle Tracking Solutions

One of the most important features to consider when searching for a Vehicle Tracking solution is driver behavior analytics. You may have the best fleet management solution, but without real-time data on driving behavior, it may not be truly a game changer for your transport management.

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Road accidents are increasing day by day, and some common reasons for such crashes are- driver drowsiness and rash driving.

You might all be aware of how rash driving can cause vehicle crashes. But did you know that drowsiness is responsible for almost 100,00 accidents every year? (source)

The numbers may look overwhelming, but that’s the sad truth. Such accidents not only create financial losses but also risk the lives of the driver/passengers, and pedestrians, as well as cause irreplaceable damage to goods and cargo.

Lack of sleep and fatigue due to overnight trips or constant driving hours causes the body to react inefficiently. In such scenarios, the drivers fail to take appropriate action due to reduced reaction time and lack of proper judgments.

A driver behavior monitoring solution in a transport management system can prevent these issues to a great extent.

Keep reading ahead to understand in detail about driver behavior monitoring solutions and their benefits.

What is a Driver Behavior Monitoring System?

A driver behavior monitoring system is a technology solution designed to track, record, and analyze the behavior of drivers while they are operating vehicles.

The system collects data on various aspects of driving behavior, including but not limited to

  • Speed: Monitoring vehicle speed and identifying instances of speeding
  • Acceleration and Deceleration: Detecting rapid acceleration and harsh braking
  • Vehicle state: It detects the current state of vehicles, like moving, idling, or parked.
  • Seatbelt Usage: Verifying whether seatbelts are being used by drivers and passengers
  • Location Tracking: Keeping tabs on the vehicle’s location and route.

But the most essential aspect of such a solution like VTMS is that it comes with an advanced car dashcam to detect driver fatigue and drowsiness.

The dashcam can detect all possible symptoms of fatigue or drowsiness, like closing eyelids, slow eye movements, frequent yawning, etc. If the signs exceed predefined thresholds, an alarm rings, reminding the driver to take a break.

The same information is forwarded to the control room as well, keeping them informed about the whole situation.

The best part of VTMS’s driver behavior analysis solution is that it can work with or without natural lighting and with driver accessories like glasses, caps, or hearing aids.

The significance of incorporating driver behavior analytics into advanced vehicle tracking solutions

Here are some reasons or significance of including driver behavior analytics in advanced fleet tracking systems-

The significance of incorporating driver behavior analytics into advanced vehicle tracking solutions

Improved Safety

As we have discussed, enhancing safety is a paramount concern for any company. Driver behavior analytics can help you identify and address risky driving behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, sudden acceleration, reckless driving, or fatigue.

By monitoring and analyzing driver behavior, you can take proactive measures to reduce accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the road.

Better Vehicle Maintenance

Monitoring driver behavior with vehicle tracking solutions can provide insights into how driving habits affect vehicle maintenance needs. For example, excessive speeding and hard braking can lead to increased wear on brake pads and other critical components.

By identifying these issues early, you can opt for proactive maintenance scheduling, preventing breakdowns and reducing downtime.

Fuel Efficiency

Aggressive driving practices like rapid acceleration and abrupt braking can significantly reduce fuel efficiency. By tracking and addressing these behaviors, businesses can optimize fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

Reduced Operational Costs

Poor driving behavior can lead to increased fuel consumption, higher maintenance costs, and greater wear and tear on vehicles. Identifying and addressing these behaviors can result in substantial cost savings.

Insurance premiums are often influenced by driving behavior and practices. Safer driving can lead to reduced insurance costs, further contributing to cost savings.

Improved Customer Service

Safe and efficient driving can lead to better customer service. Timely deliveries, reduced accidents, and well-maintained vehicles can enhance a company’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Elevate your fleet’s safety with driver behavior analytics. Act Now with VTMS!

As fleets grow larger and more complex, managing driver behavior becomes increasingly critical. This is where Driver Behavior Analytics, integrated seamlessly into Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring Solution (VTMS), steps in to help you step up your fleet operations.

The tool provides invaluable insight and enables you to pinpoint and rectify unsafe driving practices, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and potential harm to your drivers, vehicles, and others on the road.

So don’t wait any longer. Adopt VTMS to enforce a safer, more efficient, and more sustainable fleet management system. To get more details, schedule a call with us today!


Why is driver behavior analytics important in vehicle tracking solutions?

Driver behavior analytics in vehicle tracking solutions is crucial because it provides real-time data on how drivers operate vehicles. This information helps in identifying risky driving behaviors, improving road safety, and preventing accidents, ultimately reducing financial losses and protecting lives.

How does drowsiness contribute to road accidents, and how can a tracking solution address this issue?

Drowsiness is responsible for a significant number of accidents each year. A tracking solution with driver behavior monitoring can detect signs of drowsiness using advanced dashcams, such as eyelid closure, slow eye movements, and frequent yawning. When these signs exceed predefined thresholds, the system alerts the driver and sends information to the control room, helping prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue.

What types of driving behaviors can a driver behavior monitoring system track?

A driver behavior monitoring system can track various driving behaviors, including speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking, vehicle state (moving, idling, parked), seatbelt usage, and location tracking. These data points offer valuable insights into driver performance and road safety.

Can the driver behavior monitoring system work in various lighting conditions and accommodate driver accessories?

Yes, a high-quality driver behavior monitoring system, like VTMS, is designed to work in various lighting conditions and can accommodate driver accessories such as glasses, caps, or hearing aids. It uses advanced dashcams that can effectively detect signs of fatigue and drowsiness regardless of lighting or driver accessories.

How can integrating driver behavior analytics benefit fleet management and transport operations?

Integrating driver behavior analytics into advanced vehicle tracking solutions enhances fleet management by improving driver safety and reducing the risk of accidents. It also helps in optimizing routes, reducing fuel consumption, and lowering maintenance costs. Overall, it leads to more efficient and cost-effective transport operations.

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