3 Ways to Save Fuel with New Age Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Over the last few years, GPS-based vehicle tracking solutions have enabled real-time fleet tracking, significant cost reduction, advanced analytics, and improved efficiency for delivery, cargo & supply chain companies. A reliable fleet management solution places a priceless tool in the hands of big and small businesses that rely on timely asset delivery. However, with the relentless spike in fuel prices, advanced fleet management software equipped with a fuel monitoring system can be a game-changer for these industries. As companies grapple with the aftermath of the recent fuel hike, let’s give you an insider perspective on the top 3 ways to save fuel by adopting a next-level vehicle tracking management system, just like our VTMS.

Detailed Fuel Log

The biggest advantage of choosing a GPS tracker with fuel monitoring is receiving automated reports on the daily fuel levels of each vehicle in your fleet. A feature-rich truck tracking system like VTMS equips you with real-time fuel drop alerts, reliable monitoring of fuel refills, and quick detection of pilferage/theft with an accurate location. In extreme situations (like fuel theft) it also allows the admin to activate vehicle immobilization to prevent any further losses. Such remarkable features lead the way for almost 6-7% savings on fuel cost alone! Isn’t that reason enough to make the shift to VTMS right away?!

24×7 Real-time Updates

The ability to keep an eye on the location of each vehicle in your delivery fleet is one of the foremost advantages of any vehicle location tracking system. The option to replay the entire route with highlighted over speeding stretches, prompt idling, and tampering alert further ensure ideal driver behavior.

Following these fuel-saving practices over a period of time is sure to result in a significant drop in fuel consumption, and more importantly, a transformation in the driver mindset. That’s the key to a fleet that delivers on time and consumes lesser fuel, every single time!

Scanners & Sensors

While vehicle tracking by GPS is one of the basic functions, any smart vehicle management system worth its salt is sure to offer reports & alerts on vehicle health on a time-to-time basis. Prevention undoubtedly is better than cure, and when you choose a solution like VTMS, you reap the benefits of being equipped with advanced analytics and diagnostic reports generated using sensitive sensors like the OBD sensor. It’s no rocket science to deduce that a healthier, well-maintained vehicle is the first step towards fuel saving.

As the recent fuel hike threatens to shake the budgets of companies relying heavily on their fleet of vehicles, adopting an intelligent fleet management software that also takes care of fuel theft & wastage prevention is the smartest investment today. If you’re keen to know more about maintaining a fuel-efficient environment-friendly fleet, get in touch with us here.

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