7 Reasons to Adopt an Advanced Fleet Management Solution This Women’s Day

It is an undeniable fact that Safer women make a Stronger workforce. While on one hand more and more women are joining the corporate workforce across all levels, on the other hand horrific crimes against women grow unabated even in broad daylight. As per a Reuters report, an appalling 80% of Indian women face public harassment in one form or another. In such a grave scenario, it is important to offer your women employees the solace of a hassle-free & safe commute to work to ensure they can maximise their productivity.

Simply offering office transport services just solves part of the problem since women in the IT & ITeS / BPO sectors work until late hours and clock-in odd shifts. Adopting an advanced & reliable fleet management system like AFM to manage your fleet not just ensures a safe ride to all employees but also offers special security features keeping women employees in mind. This women’s day, take this significant step towards employee safety and ensure a 100% worry-free, committed workforce.

Let us throw light on the top 7 reasons why you must choose an award-winning fleet management & tracking solution like Asti’s Fleet Management that packs a solid punch with the entire bundle of safety features:

  • Share ride feature: The option to ‘share ride’ details with family & friends allows them to track coordinates in real time, reduce risk and ensure their peace of mind.
  • Emergency contact numbers: Employee verified emergency contact numbers enable immediate contact in case of a dire situation.
  • Panic/SOS button: In case of any safety breach, pressing this button triggers a series of actions to ensure immediate contact with admin & emergency contacts. A tracking link and app-based call ensure help is available without delay.
  • Driver face recognition: The app ensures driver face recognition before trip commences, making foul play next to impossible.
  • Call masking: Number masking during any call to the driver by the employees further enhances their safety and safeguards their personal details.
  • No first pick-up or last drop-off for women: Adhering to government guidelines, rostering by superior fleet management systems like AFM ensures that women employees aren’t the first to be picked or last to be dropped home.
  • Escort during late hours: When commuting between 8PM-6AM, women employees will be escorted to and from work to ensure their safety.

While every fleet management system allows real-time tracking of vehicles, only few offer such built-in multi-level safety features that promise a worry-free commute. This women’s day is the perfect occasion to ‘gift’ this invaluable safety net to your women employees. Contact us for a free demo of AFM right away!


How can a fleet management system contribute to ensuring the safety of women employees during their commute to work?

A fleet management system like AFM (Asti Fleet Management) offers advanced security features specifically designed to address the safety concerns of women employees during their commute. These features may include real-time tracking, emergency assistance buttons, geofencing capabilities, and driver behavior monitoring, all of which help create a safer environment for women traveling to and from work.

What makes adopting a reliable fleet management system like AFM essential for companies with women employees working late hours or odd shifts?

Companies with women employees working late hours or odd shifts face unique safety challenges, especially when it comes to transportation. Adopting a reliable fleet management system like AFM ensures that women employees have access to safe and secure transportation options, regardless of the time of day or night, thus enhancing their overall well-being and productivity.

How does offering a hassle-free and safe commute to women employees contribute to maximizing productivity in the workplace?

Providing women employees with a hassle-free and safe commute to work contributes to maximizing their productivity by reducing stress and anxiety associated with safety concerns during transportation. When women feel secure and supported, they can focus more on their work tasks, leading to improved performance and overall job satisfaction.

What specific security features does AFM offer to ensure the safety of female employees during their commute?

AFM (Asti Fleet Management) offers a range of security features tailored to address the safety needs of women employees, including panic buttons for emergency assistance, real-time tracking for enhanced monitoring, geofencing capabilities to define safe zones, and driver behavior monitoring to ensure a safe and comfortable ride experience.

How can adopting a fleet management system with special security features benefit companies beyond ensuring the safety of women employees?

Adopting a fleet management system with special security features not only ensures the safety of women employees but also contributes to building a positive work culture centered around employee well-being and safety. This, in turn, can help attract and retain top talent, boost employee morale and loyalty, and enhance the company’s reputation as a responsible and caring employer.

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