5 Parental Worries that School Bus Tracking Solutions Can Help Overcome

Being a parent comes with a constant undercurrent of worry, and sending children off on the school bus is no exception. From wondering if their little ones boarded safely to picturing traffic delays, the imagination can quickly spiral, and that’s enough to trigger a wave of uneasiness.

What if your school could offer the parents a virtual window into the yellow bus, where they can monitor everything in real-time? It’s something every parent wants to have a sigh of relief.

Here are five parental worries that a GPS school bus tracking system can overcome.

1. Location of the Bus 

Parents have the busiest morning routines. From preparing breakfast to packing the lunch and last-minute homework, they always have a lot on their plate.

A nagging worry often lingers even after they drop their children at the bus stop. These anxieties are all too familiar for parents, and they translate into countless calls and concerns for school administration.

Innovative school bus GPS tracking solutions can help solve this worry, as parents can track the vehicle in real-time using their smartphones. Advanced systems like TRAKOM allow the parents to see the bus on a live map with a single click.

2. The Pick-Up & Drop-off Time

Inevitable circumstances like traffic or mechanical issues in the bus can affect the arrival and departure time. So, parents keep on wondering about the exact drop-off time at the bus stop, as well as the right pick-up time every afternoon.

With live school bus tracking, parents don’t have to make frantic calls to the school authorities, as the app notifies them about the drop-off time, and they can pick up their children from the bus stop. The school bus tracking app also generates timely notifications about the arrival time of the bus at the stop, so that parents can plan their schedule accordingly.

It makes things convenient for parents in two ways: the children don’t have to wait at the bus stop, and the parents don’t miss their important appointments due to unprecedented pick-up and drop-off delays.

3. The Bus’s Current Route

While there are apps that allow live school bus tracking, only a few solutions, such as TRAKOM, provide comprehensive details. Unforeseen situations can sometimes necessitate a change in the bus route, and in such cases, parents receive a notification with the reason for rerouting.

Additionally, these systems let the parents track the exact location of the bus to see where it’s heading, and they also receive other crucial updates.

4. Whether their Child has Reached School Safely

Parental worries never end, as parents are always concerned whether their children have reached the school safely. A modern school bus tracking system goes beyond live tracking, as it notifies parents when their child enters or leaves the school premises, with the help of RFID scanners.

Parents and guardians receive prompt alerts on their smartphones regarding every important activity of their children that they should know about with the school ERP module.

5. Changing the Pick-up and Drop-off Location

Sometimes it becomes daunting for busy parents to drop their kids at their regular bus stop and pick them up. In such scenarios, parents are always worried that their children will miss the bus or they’ll have to wait for them at the stop.

Changing the pick-up and drop-off location becomes easier with a smart school bus tracking solution. Parents can choose a convenient location using the mobile app to ensure their little one is on board or disembarks the bus on time.

End All Parental Worries with One School Bus Tracking System- TRAKOM

Parents deserve peace of mind when they send their children to school, and that’s possible with a GPS-based bus tracking solution like TRAKOM. It is a feature-loaded solution that school administrators can use to ensure the safety of their students, thus keeping the parents worry-free. Along with the bus tracking on the live map, Trakom also includes an RFID-based student attendance module to ensure children are attending school and being picked up after school, with the help of RFID cards scanned during boarding and de-boarding.

If you want to add a cutting-edge tracking system to your school bus fleet, schedule a free call with us.  We understand your unique requirements and offer tailor-made school bus-tracking solutions that fit your budget.

How can I track the location of my child’s school bus in real time?

You can easily track the school bus in real-time using a GPS school bus tracking system like TRAKOM. Simply download the associated app on your smartphone, and with a single click, you can see the live location of the bus on a map.

What happens if there are delays in the pick-up or drop-off times due to unforeseen circumstances?

The school bus tracking app sends timely notifications to parents about any changes in the pick-up or drop-off times. This helps parents plan accordingly and ensures that children don’t have to wait at the bus stop, while parents can avoid missing important appointments due to unexpected delays.

Can I know if the school bus deviates from its regular route and the reason for the change?

Yes, innovative solutions like TRAKOM provide comprehensive details. Parents receive notifications if there is a change in the bus route along with the reason for rerouting. Additionally, you can track the exact location of the bus to stay informed about its current route.

How does the system ensure the safety of my child during the school commute?

Beyond live tracking, modern school bus tracking systems, including TRAKOM, notify parents when their child enters or leaves the school premises using RFID scanners. This feature provides parents with prompt alerts on their smartphones, offering peace of mind regarding their child’s safety.

What if I need to change the pick-up or drop-off location for my child occasionally?

Changing the pick-up and drop-off location is made easy with a smart school bus tracking solution. Parents can use the mobile app to choose a convenient location, ensuring that their child boards or disembarks the bus on time. This flexibility caters to the needs of busy parents who may occasionally need to adjust their child’s transportation arrangements.

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