5 Secret Business Benefits that Real-time Salesforce Tracking Can Offer

Most IT companies and business houses have their own sales team, who are involved in outdoor sales activities for promoting their products. The sales revenue completely depends on their productivity. In such a scenario, keeping a track of the team becomes completely essential if we want to get 100% output from them.

Employee monitoring & tracking goes a long way in improving productivity and boosting performance at a very low cost. Though monitoring each and every employee working in office premises is easy, but the difficulty arises when we try to track the sales agents who are engaged in outdoor sales activities. Generally, it has been observed that sales agents who are working in the field, supply fake work and travel details to the company and misuse the company assets, which is a matter of great concern. No doubt many of the agents are loyal to their organizations, but quite a few try to fool the company by sharing incorrect information about their meetings and field trips.

How can Salesforce tracking instantly improve the productivity in real-time?

Imprint Salesforce tracking software has been developed with the motive of monitoring employees’ working hours, distance travelled, location tracking, reimbursement calculation, etc.

Here are the top 5 features supported by the Salesforce tracking software and the hidden business benefits they offer?

  • Timesheet management: For sales agents working in the field, the tracking software maintains a complete record of their working hours. The sales agent just needs to log into his/her Salesforce tracking mobile app while starting the trip and needs to log out at the end of the day. What is its business benefit? As soon as the agent logs out, the login and logout time of the day are recorded on the timesheet which can be evaluated later while calculating the payments.
  • Distance Calculator: Calculating the distance traveled by the sales agent is a very important part of reimbursement calculation. By using the Salesforce management tool you can not only calculate the exact distance but also track the location of the agent in real-time along with viewing the places visited by the agent earlier in the day. What is its business benefit? In some of the cases it has been observed that even if the sales agent traveled only 3km for the meeting, he mentions 10km for getting more money reimbursed for his travel allowance. Now with the use of Salesforce tracking software, accurate reimbursement calculations can be done.
  • Location Tracking: The location tracking feature supported by the Salesforce tracking software works amazingly toward tracking the current location of the sales agents, which is a prerequisite for keeping track of their activities. What is its business benefit? Sales agents who are traveling to the client’s office need to be monitored to be sure that they are actually there for a meeting, and not sitting at home and bluffing that they are at the meeting. By using Salesforce tracking software you can easily track the employee; each and every movement of the employee can be viewed in the map present in the manager’s dashboard.
  • Reimbursement calculation: The reimbursement calculation feature allows the agent to send a reimbursement request through the App. The agent can upload the image of the bill of expenses done for client entertainment. As soon as the image is uploaded, it will be sent to the manager. What is its business benefit?As the reimbursement is calculated through the app, it eliminates the chances of ambiguity. Also, the agents cannot make false claims; they will get reimbursed for actual expenses done by them.
  • Schedule Appointment:By using the app both the agent and the manager can fix the appointment. Whether the manager fixes an appointment for the agent or the agent sends a request for fixing the appointment with the client, in both the cases notifications will be sent to both manager and agent.What is its business benefit?The entire appointments list along with details like client name, contact number, email id, address, interview time, and location can be viewed in the web app operated by the manager along with the mobile app operated by the agent. Along with that, the manager can also view all the past appointment fixed for the agents in the appointment history section.

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