Why is employee safety a prime concern in an industry that works 24*7?

Most IT companies & all BPO/ITES companies, that work round-the-clock as per the schedules of their global clients, are always concerned about ensuring a safe commute for their employees. With the growing crime rates, there is a pressing need to redefine employee safety standards, especially for women employees commuting for work at late hours. Safe and reliable transportation assures peace of mind to employees and their families, thereby resulting in a happier and more productive workforce.

Asti Infotech’s Fleet Management System offers some simple yet out-of-the box features that set it apart from other tracking solutions and make it one of the most dependable solutions in the market for assuring employee safety. In a single dashboard, this multifunctional platform helps in managing functionalities of taxis, buses and trucks.

Following are the top 7 features supported by a Fleet Management Solution which make it perfect for industries working 24*7:

  • The solution can be easily accessed by the company admin, employees, as well as drivers from their respective devices.
  • It enables the admin and employees to see the movement of the vehicle in real time – whether the vehicle is stuck in traffic or at previous stops or diverted from the usual route. All this can be quickly tracked, so that necessary action can be taken before any mishap.
  • Employee can get notifications about any small changes in the daily schedule like delay in arrival time, departure, any change in the fixed route. Over-speeding or route deviation alert, idle time alert, panic alert makes the employee commute safer and hassle-free.
  • In case any driver is replaced, the new driver can easily get acquainted with the routes with the help of the App. It provides a complete map of different routes along with stoppages so that the transportation can be a lot smoother.
  • Periodic reports, for example, trip reports, hourly reports, daily reports, and weekly and monthly reports can be generated, which come in handy in evaluating the customer experience to improve the transportation quality.
  • In contingencies like road closure vehicle tracking software suggests the best alternative route with minimum diversions.
  • Driver feedback submitted to the app is directly delivered to the transportation department, which is helpful towards improving the transport quality.

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