Top Reasons for adopting Employee Transport Automation

Employee Transportation has become an inevitable mandate in today’s corporate landscape where companies endeavor to ease out office commute for their employees. It not only provides comfort or a sense of concern to the employees but also enhances the Employee Satisfaction manifold and saves precious time spent on managing office travel individually.

However, employee transportation has always been adopted with mixed feelings. What looks like a regular benefit service from the surface is rather a herculean task at the core; making employee transport management a tedious and complex affair.

Well, corporates and transport managers can now lay their worries to rest as employee transport automation has simplified the entire process! Leading SaaS product companies like Asti Infotech offer innovative products such as Asti Fleet Management (AFM) solution which offer a feature-rich Automated Employee Transport Management System. Thus, making transportation a hassle-free experience for all the stakeholders involved in the process.

What is an Automated Employee Transportation Management System?

In simple words, it is a user-friendly ‘Transport Fleet Management Software’ that automates almost all the manual tasks pertaining to employee transportation, while ensuring a safe commute to employees, improved vehicle management and significant cost reduction for companies.

Why Adopt Employee Transport Automation?

An automated corporate fleet management system takes care of seemingly unbelievable tasks in real-time, at a single click – saving your time, money and resources. No wonder there has been a significant rise in companies adopting advanced solutions like AFM to level up their Employee Transportation processes.

If you are still unsure about incorporating employee transport automation into your business model, we give you the top 5 reasons why you should drop everything and adopt Automated Employee Transportation Management system:

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Safety of Employees:

The safety and security of employees are paramount for companies, especially the safety of women working during the night shifts or travelling alone. Automated Employee Transportation ensures women’s safety in office cabs through an inbuilt real-time GPS tracking system. It tracks the movement of every vehicle whether moving or stationary and thus traces its whereabouts. Fleet Management Software such as AFM has provision to add emergency contacts for SOS alerts. AFM provides an alarm and panic button to alert admin and emergency contacts for immediate help. Predefined routes embedded into the system notify the employees and the admin in case of any deviation in the route. Speed checks ensure that there is no over-speeding or rash driving.

Significant Reduction in Company Expenses:

The biggest and the most essential factor associated with automation is cost cutting. It helps in reducing the cost of a company by reducing the involvement of labor, thus curbing the expenses involved in sustaining a large team. The software ensures the vehicles run only on the designated routes thus preventing wastage of fuel and ensuring optimum utilization of fleet inventory. Rostering, route optimization and better vehicle maintenance bring down fuel consumption and carbon emissions, making this a green initiative too!

Transparency & Accuracy Guaranteed:

The fleet management software generates real-time automated reports with accurate data analysis that is accessible to all concerned stakeholders involved. This helps in maintaining transparency at all levels and prevents human errors.

Smart Management:

Automation enables the extraction of any kind of information (specific or general), at any point of time at a click of a button. This real-time information is useful for crucial planning and important decision-making.

Data accuracy enables to view and check the performances at various levels. Useful features such as automatic employee attendance allow companies to better evaluate employees’ performance.

Easy booking, reduced travel time, better coordination and secure commute improve employee satisfaction, efficiency and retention. GPS tracking devices for fleet vehicles make monitoring and surveillance convenient for admin and managers.

Structured Ecosystem:

Due to the presence of concrete and real-time data, disputes, miscommunication and deceit in any form can be avoided. There is better clarity in terms of billing, timely payments, vehicle maintenance and performance, number of trips and coordination at levels leading to the smooth functioning of the system. Loopholes in the process if any, can be timely identified and rectified. All of this creates a positive and flourishing ecosystem.

Future of Automated Employee Transport Management Software in India

Automated Employee Transportation is a revolution that will catalyze India’s business growth. Smart products such as AFM are being widely accepted and benefitting thousands of clients across India. This is certainly leading to a paradigm shift with more and more companies adopting automation over manual practices.

Asti Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top fleet management software companies in India. Its products such as AFM are extensively used in industries like Transportation, Education, BPO, Logistics, Banking etc. With 50000+ vehicles’ live tracking, 25,000+ happy end-users covering more than 10 million km, AFM is one of the most sought-after Employee Transport Automation solution. Such advanced systems are here to stay and thrive.

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