Hassle-free Office Commute in The Palm of Your Hands: Demystifying AFM Employee App

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Approximately 20% of employees arrive late at work regularly. Missed work costs an estimated 3 billion USD to businesses in the United States every year. (Source)

While there are multiple reasons for this problem, the one that dominates all is endless traffic jams and the unreliability of public transport.

Even though employees have no control over being late for work, being late can become a serious productivity killer. This is why employers or companies should take immediate action to solve the issue.

An Employee Transportation Automation solution like AFM provides an end-to-end solution for hassle-free office commute. AFM brings together cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface to streamline official commutes, ensure employee safety & punctuality, and ultimately help your business thrive.

The tool offers comprehensive solutions to all fleet management needs like rostering, route optimization, live tracking, various emergency and security alerts, driver authentication, etc. Such advanced features enable a reliable commute for employees, reduce fuel costs, ensure optimum fleet utilization, and improve the overall efficiency of the team.

AFM has a separate employee app, a driver’s app, and an admin portal to streamline all aspects of employee transportation. Each has been designed to make the commuting process smooth with no complicated steps to follow.

In this blog, we will discuss how the AFM employee app makes booking a cab a minute’s task and frees employees from the daily tedium of public transport or driving for hours to work.

Demystifying AFM Employee App: Why It’s a Blessing for the Employees?

Designed with an understanding of both employer and employee challenges, the AFM employee app does away with everyday commuting struggles, late work arrival, and unsafe commutes by offering the following features:

One-click Ride Request

This feature eliminates the long, tedious booking procedures or leaving home hours before office time to catch the train or bus. Now you can book office cabs/shuttles with a single click on the AFM App and be assured that your ride to the office will arrive without delay.

In addition to the daily office commute requirements, the app also takes care of ad-hoc and spot rental requirements for specific tasks.

Flexible Roster Options

Catering to varying work schedules, the flexible rostering option of the AFM employee app allows you to set up a daily roster or pre-define your transportation needs for a set period. It helps in better time management and no last-minute anxiety to book your commute or ask transport managers to adjust you in the scheduled shuttles. The app ensures seamless employee transport automation, giving the power to manage their commute in the hands of employees.

Ad-Hoc Requests

There are times when employees need to reach the office without prior notice and relying on public transport during that time isn’t the best idea. Delays or unpredictability of public commute is not uncommon to us, and in a situation like this, you can’t afford to reach the office late.

To put a permanent end to such situations, AFM has introduced the ad-hoc request system. Through this feature, employees can swiftly place urgent cab requests and be assured of a prompt response.

Real-time Tracking

With AFM’s real-time tracking feature, employees no longer need to rely on guesswork. They can track their assigned vehicle’s location and estimated arrival time, making the wait more predictable and reducing anxiety. In case of a change in routes or schedules, the employees are kept in the know through the app.

Employees receive ETA prior to 1 km of the designated stop, or they can set the ETA themselves when they want to be notified. They also receive notification 15 minutes prior to the estimated time of departure and get ready accordingly.

SOS/Panic Alarm Button

Safety is the topmost concern in today’s unpredictable times, especially for female employees who may feel unsafe taking a ride during late hours or through deserted stretches. Considering this, AFM has introduced an SOS/panic button for emergency situations.

At a single touch, it sends out an alert to predefined emergency contacts as well as transport admins, while sharing GPS coordinates and ensuring immediate action/help during unpleasant times.

Share Ride Option & Co-Passenger Details

Employees have the option to share their ride details with family and friends to ensure that they are aware of the route and time of their commute. This adds a layer of safety and assures peace of mind to commuters as well as their families.

Employees can also get the co-passenger details in advance so they are well aware of who they are traveling with.

Call Driver With Number Masking Or IVR

If you’re not comfortable sharing your number with the drivers, you can call them with the number masking or IVR feature. The system prevents disclosing your personal number and provides a safe communication channel. There is also a provision of driver feedback by employees to ensure that drivers adhere to safe driving practices else they could receive poor ratings.

Safe Reach Call for Female Employees

The safe reach call ensures female employees are safely dropped at their destinations, especially after late work hours, and an IVR-based call is made to the authorities about their safe reach. This promotes a sense of safety among the employees and their families.

What is AFM, and how does it help employees with their daily commute?

AFM stands for Employee Transportation Automation, and it’s a comprehensive solution designed to make office commutes hassle-free. It incorporates cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface to streamline official commutes, ensuring employee safety and punctuality. AFM offers solutions for fleet management needs, such as rostering, route optimization, live tracking, security alerts, driver authentication, and more, which collectively enhance the commuting experience for employees.

How does the AFM employee app benefit employees in terms of reducing the stress and inconvenience associated with daily commutes?

The AFM employee app simplifies the process of booking a cab, making it a quick and straightforward task. By doing so, it frees employees from the stress and inconvenience of dealing with endless traffic jams and unreliable public transport. This app provides a reliable alternative, ultimately reducing the daily tedium of public transport or long hours spent driving to work.

What are the key features of the AFM employee app that make it a blessing for employees?

The AFM employee app offers features such as easy cab booking, live tracking, and various emergency and security alerts. It also helps employees avoid the hassles of driving in traffic or relying on inconsistent public transportation. Additionally, it ensures that employees arrive at work punctually, reducing the stress and inefficiency associated with daily commutes.

How does the AFM employee app contribute to improving employee productivity?

The AFM employee app directly contributes to improved employee productivity by ensuring that employees arrive at work on time. It eliminates the stress of being late for work due to traffic or public transportation delays. This, in turn, leads to a more focused and efficient work environment, benefiting both employees and employers.

Can employees and employers access the AFM app easily, or does it require technical expertise?

The AFM app has been designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that employees, drivers, and administrators can access and use it without technical expertise. Its simplicity and intuitive design make it accessible to all users, regardless of their level of technical proficiency, which is crucial for its success in streamlining employee transportation.

Take Control of Your Office Commute And Experience Seamless Journeys With AFM!

We all are well aware of the hassles of everyday commutes like late arrival, travel fatigue, the unpredictability of traffic, etc. These issues cause anxiety & discomfort, ultimately affecting the productivity of employees.

This is why deploying an employee transport automation solution is the need of the hour. With the AFM employee app, your team can take control of the office commute, leaving behind the stress of unpredictability and inefficiencies with its cutting-edge features.

Want to learn more about AFM and how it can benefit your company? Book a free demo with us today!

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