How Employee Transport Management Solutions Are A Blessing For Female Employees

  • Tina works in an insurance company in Bangalore. She is an insurance specialist, which means there are lots of responsibilities on her shoulders.
  • While Tina enjoys her work and loves helping people choose the right coverage plan that would benefit them, what scared her the most was getting back home alone at night.

Due to other added responsibilities, she had to stay late at the office at least three days a week. And leaving for home at an odd hour was the most uncomfortable thing for her.

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  • Public transport isn’t always reliable and taking a taxi ride with a strange driver isn’t safe either.

She thought of addressing the issue with her senior, but nobody had raised the concern yet, which made her a little hesitant. Her home was only half an hour away, and she thought she would manage.

But one fine day, after wrapping up work, she sat in the company cab and was on her way home. It was the scariest drive of her life. The cab driver was new and was staring at her all the way home while driving recklessly.

Even though nothing worse happened, Tina was scared to death. She kept getting jitters throughout the night and got all sweaty, even on the chilly winter night. She knew she had to find a solution to the problem.

The very next day, Tina shared the incident with her boss. The officer empathized with her, and after consulting with her and other employees, they came to the conclusion of investing in an employee transport automation solution, AFM.

employee transport automation solution
  • An advanced employee transportation solution (ETS) offers a user-friendly App for employees, which not only allows employees to book their cab/shuttle in advance but also comes equipped with an alarm/panic button feature. This is especially great for women employees who can resonate with Tina’s bone-chilling experience.

The emergency alarm/panic button allows sending instant notifications to emergency contacts and shares a tracking link to them. As soon as you feel something is unusual on the ride, you can press the alert button. The company transport admin and registered and verified emergency contacts instantly get notified that something is fishy, and they will immediately send help.

  • Tina let out a sigh of relief, knowing about it. She also got to know about the numerous other safety features of AFM, like escort at odd hours, safe reach calls, etc. This new ETS allowed her to work at her pace and leave for home whenever she wanted, ensuring higher productivity and complete peace of mind.

What is an Employee Transport Management Solution (ETS), and how does it benefit female employees like Tina?

An ETS is a software-based solution that helps organizations manage employee transportation efficiently. It benefits female employees like Tina by providing a user-friendly app for booking cabs or shuttles in advance. It also includes safety features like an alarm/panic button, allowing them to alert emergency contacts and the company transport admin in case of discomfort or danger during the ride.

How does the alarm/panic button feature in an ETS enhance the safety of female employees?

The alarm/panic button in an ETS is a crucial safety feature for female employees. It allows them to send instant notifications to emergency contacts and share their real-time location when they feel unsafe during the ride. This quick response mechanism ensures that help can be sent promptly in case of any unusual or threatening situations.

What other safety features do Employee Transport Management Solutions typically offer to ensure the well-being of female employees?

ETS solutions often provide additional safety features like escorts for employees during odd hours, safe reach calls, and real-time tracking. These features are designed to enhance the overall safety and security of employees, especially when they need to commute at unconventional hours.

How does an ETS contribute to higher productivity among female employees like Tina?

ETS solutions contribute to higher productivity by relieving female employees of the stress and discomfort associated with commuting at odd hours. With the assurance of a safe and reliable transport system, employees can work at their own pace and leave for home whenever they need to, knowing that their safety is a top priority.

Can Employee Transport Management Solutions be customized to meet the specific needs of different organizations and their employees?

Yes, many ETS solutions are customizable to fit the unique requirements of organizations and their employees. They can be tailored to incorporate specific safety measures, routes, and scheduling preferences to ensure that female employees, as well as all employees, have a comfortable and secure commute experience.

Prevent Incidents Like Tina’s And Make Your Female Staff Feel Safe By Implementing Asti Infotech’s AFM!

Approximately 58% of women feel unsafe traveling alone after dark which includes office commuting as well. But with a single responsible act like adopting an employee transport automation solution like AFM, companies can reduce this number and make their female staff feel safe irrespective of what time of the day they are traveling.

So be the change and sign up for AFM today!

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